Forsaken Rite - Two Members Left The Band

Canadian folk metal act Forsaken Rite announced that vocalist Archon and accordion player Sevi have parted ways with the band. Archon was part of the band for 7 years (since the official formation), while Sevi for last 5 years.

Archon's statement: "It is with a heavy heart that Sevi and myself announce that our time with the warparty, Forsaken Rite, is coming to a close. We have had a good long journey with the band, Sevi for 5 years and 7 for myself, since the beginning. It was a hard decision for us to come to, but we have long felt the forsaken flame that once burned in our hearts has started to fade, and our lives, both musically and otherwise, are beginning to embark on and yearn for new directions. We would like to stress that there is no drama or animosity surrounding this decision, our departure is on good terms and we remain good friends with our comrades.

"We will always remember our time with the warparty fondly, in many ways it helped us grow into the musicians and performers we are today. Through 2 printed releases, countless shows, radio play across the globe and even a tour across Canada, we will always hold these memories and accomplishments dear to our hearts.

"This is not our departure from music, we each have our own projects and ideas in the works for what is yet to come, some may emerge sooner than later. My own newest project (TBA) is already underway with exciting new material and equally exciting musicians involved, and we cannot wait to take the land by storm. I would also like to mention, I will not actively be in a Folk Metal band after this year, but I have a strong feeling that this does not mean the end of my time in the genre, we will see what the future holds. Either way, rest assured you will hear more from the both of us in the future.

"This will not mean the end of Forsaken Rite. We have discussed with the others and have concluded that we will remain with the warparty for this year until suitable replacements have been found. Though it may seem like quite the change, their journey is not yet over, and their last tale is not yet told. I will be writing up the appropriate advertisements shortly, and will update the band page once auditions are open.

"We are glad and humbled to see how well our tales, songs and melodies have resonated with you all, fans both old and new, and we thank you for sharing so many wondrous times with us over the years. A horn filled to the brim raised to the warparty, and to you all this day!

"Thank you all for helping us do our part in showing the world that Folk Metal is not dead in Canada. Cheers to you all, friends!"

Courtesy of the band's Facebook page

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Posted: 22.07.2019 by Bad English

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