Catamenia - Member Leaves After Russian Tour

Token from the Catamenia newsletter:

"To prevent the annoying speculations of how things went in European Tour and why Tero [Tero Nevala - keyboards] is not anymore in the band, we decided to make an official statement regarding the situation.

When finishing the Russian Tour, Tero informed at the train station of St. Petersburg he won't continue to the European Tour with us, but he'll go back to Moscow. We do not know the exact reason for this, but we have seen how things turned out - he simply followed our Russian promoter there. Thank you for these years and good luck in the future, Tero.

European Tour - Managers from ProMusic Productions/Romania were totally rip-offs and did not care about bands at all from the start.
They broke every paragraph in the contract, but still we continued the tour for the sake of the fans and local promoters. Managers did not provide us decent breakfasts, meals and not even water. We had to sleep in a really small bus, one night spent in parking lot in Switzerland when waiting another bus to come cause the previous one broke down near Milan. After the last show we went to Budapest where there should have been hotel provided from 24th to 27th of October as agreed, but guess what - NO! They just left us there, broke the promise and contract so we had to pay everything ourselves.

Thank you really much fans, local promoters and Winterhorde. You kept us going on and you're the reason why we did not cancel the tour! Fuck off Nelu and Dana from ProMusic Prod!"

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Posted: 30.10.2006 by Thryce


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30.10.2006 - 20:02
Angel of Lust
Too bad for Tero!
Fucking Managers, they are the scum of society!

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Howard Phillips Lovecraft
31.10.2006 - 01:35
Daru Jericho
I swear this is old news? Oh well, I guess they only officially announced it now. Tero will surely be missed.

And those managers need to be shot. Well done Cata for completing the tour. I know other bands would have used this as a perfect excuse to cancel.
Aborted Misanthropic Smurf Puppy On Acid.

06.11.2006 - 19:10
Account deleted
Well, this is one side of the story... The official statement of the promoter promusicprod sounds like "catamenia were drunk all day, agreed to play for free in switzerland and canceled some concerts couse of they're vocals couldn't sing anymore couse of alcohol and cigarettes..." I was at the concert in cluj/romania, they said something like "well, we've lost our keyboard player [Tero] somewere in moscow... But we will sing tonight without him"... The concert sucked couse simply: catamenia without keyboards isn't catamenia anymore!
26.01.2007 - 11:31
Oh, I dont judge, but how sad for both, but I lean toward Catamenia, they tried to complete the tour. I guess because of the condition which the managers gave, made them dissappointing so far as drunk. Though its sad to hear that the show sucked.:(
13.03.2007 - 23:22
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
Damn. hope things look up for Catamenia...I guess this was posted a while ago so maybe they already have....
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