The Dark Element - New Single Available For Listening

Upcoming studio album from The Dark Element - Songs The Night Sings - is all set for the official release on November 8th through Frontiers Music Srl. Prior this day, the group is proud to present a lyric video for the single "The Pallbearer Walks Alone".

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Posted: 03.11.2019 by Abattoir


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03.11.2019 - 18:26
Seba Raven Rock
Simply excellent.....
04.11.2019 - 11:44
Wow sounds great.
04.11.2019 - 15:00
I'm surprised...
05.11.2019 - 12:08
The song started rather bland, but then Anette managed to make it interesting. Somebody should give the band some English lessons and Anette some basic English pronunciation lessons. Or do your stuff in your native tongue for a change.

"That shouldn't meant to be sung" - the heck is this? Now I know sometimes using proper English in songs does not work and I can accept a degree of improvisation, and normally I don't really give a damn about the lyrics (in this case they are simply too understandable to ignore, had Anette growled them maybe I wouldn't have been writing this) and I am the last person who can be labeled a grammar Nazi considering English is not my native tongue, but in this case, the line could have been improved and it would have still rhymed with the subsequent line. Something like "There are songs \ That weren't meant to be sung \ And I guess this is one" OR "There are songs \ That shouldn't be sung \ And I guess this is one". Just for chuckles, this line should be 'nationalized' and stamped on all hipster/edgelord bands. Take down that Parental Advisory crap or other such warnings and put this one, that would be terrific.

Also, there is another line which I am not sure if Anette gets it wrong or the line in the lyric video is wrong: "So just pray IN won't happen to you". I get the feeling Anette says it correctly though. Guess they had nobody available to make a quality check before publishing the video.

Overall the song is catchy because of the vocal melody. The instrumental alone would be rather boring. The chorus is a bit weak though. Could have been improved. I always liked Anette's vocal color, she certainly is a versatile singer, not a one-dimensional one like Tarja. Unlike Tarja, Anette can sing more commercial stuff without sounding forced and out-of-place, which is the reason why Tarja's solo stuff is so horrendous.
07.11.2019 - 16:56
The Shape 1973
I should like this. Jani is a great guitarist and Anette is an OK singer. I just find this and Cain's Offering far too wordy. Why use five words when you can use ten. The vocals seem to cram in too many words. The new single Not Your Monster is even more guilty of this. Wouldn't want to sing it live, could easily stumble and mumble.
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