Black Mirrors - Announce Changes In Their Ranks

Concrete changes have happened recently in the Black Mirrors camp. Belgium musicians confirmed that they've parted ways with drummer Paul Moreau and bassist Loïc Videtta. Replacing Paul on drums is Yannick Carpentier and Loïc on bass André Six. By also adding a second guitarist, Pierre Guillaume, Black Mirrors will from now on perform as a five-piece.

Announcement from Black Mirrors: "Over the past 8-9 months a lot has happened in the world, but also in Black Mirrors. While writing new songs for our upcoming album, new ideas have emerged and we came to the conclusion that the line-up as we've known it for the last couple of years needed an upgrade. For quite a while we had been playing with the idea of adding a second guitar player to give the song arrangements more power and accuracy live on stage.

"We're happy to announce that we've found our second guitarist in Pierre Guillaume. We're stoked to have him on board and we can't wait to show you how good of a musician he is! So let's give him a big warm welcome!

"For the drums, however, we were sad to learn from Paul that he didn't feel aligned anymore with the direction Black Mirrors was going. Of course he is and always will be a dear friend to us. Paul is a very special and unique person whom we shared so many great memories with. He was part of our Black Mirrors tribe and always will be. We wish him all the best with his new projects, of which we're sure they'll be worth checking out!"

Drummer Paul Moreau on departure: "Although I've decided to part ways with Black Mirrors due to personal reasons, I will leave this band with amazing memories. Touring all over Europe. Playing some amazing festivals. Learning and growing as a musician myself. It's been a massive experience filled with adrenaline, blood and sweat! I wish the best future for this band and the best of luck for the new drummer."

Continues the band: "We're pleased to announce that Yannick Carpentier will take over the drums. Yannick a super solid drummer and we can''t wait to hit the studio to record our news songs and to hit the road with him! Let's give him a huge welcome!

"On the bass, we've had a similar situation as with Paul. Loïc has been way more than just a bass player. With his jokes and his infinite energy he was able to always fuel the entire band with his enthusiasm and positive vibes. Loïc was and always will be part of the Black Mirrors family. It hurt to see him leave our tribe, but everyone has to follow his/her own path so we respect Loïc's decision 100% and he'll always have our full support in his future projects. In fact, Marcella is already coaching him to become a better singer for the new project that he's working on. You'll definitely hear from Loïc again. We're pleased to announce that André Six will be our new bass player. We are more than convinced that he'll add a lot of value to the band, on and off stage. More of him will follow soon. Give him a warm welcome!"

Bassist Loïc on parting ways with the band: "Black Mirrors has been more than a band to me. Black Mirrors is a tribe to whom I feel deeply attached, for their love of music, for their values, for their beliefs, for their history. These 3 years have been an important chapter of my life, as a musician but also as a human being. I've learned a lot by touring with a band and a team as professional as they are. Thank you for everything we've shared together and thanks to all the people we met on the road. I really feel that I've become a better musician and I know how much you wished it for me (Doudou, Paul and Yan also). You helped me finding myself, to face difficult situations and moments in my life. We've shared beautiful and true moments of happiness."

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Posted: 19.11.2020 by Abattoir

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