Somnus Aeternus - Former Members Reunite To Record New Album

About a year after their disbanding announcement, Czech doomsters Somnus Aeternus revealed in a Facebook post that they would reunite to record a shorter album using material from previous sessions as a band. The lineup for this release is going to consist of guitarists Wohma and Kubýk Fritsche, bassist Anna Boudová, and vocalist Jan ''Insomnic'' Sojmilk. Drums will be recorded by Doomed drummer Pierre Laube.

The statement of the band is as follows:

''Dear fans,
even though we have disbanded, we still remain friends and we plan on making more music together in the future (even if it won't be with SA). But we have not been idle up until now either. Before the demise of SA we had some material prepared for another album and it would be a big shame not to share it with you. Therefore we are happy to announce, that we are going to release a shorter album!

"Our proven lineup is at work now including:
Wohma- guitars
Kubýk- guitars
Anna- bass
Insomnic- vocals

"Initially we were going to only have digital programmed drums. That changed when our friend Pierre Laube from the great Doomed offered to compose and acoustically record the drums for our release!! We couldn't be happier about this and the first recording already sounds sick as hell! We are working on music, that is disturbing, uncompromisingly heavy and dark. Watch our fb page as we will release more information in some time. Thank you for your support and say hi to Pierre!''

Band profile: Somnus Aeternus
Posted: 25.11.2020 by Bad English

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