Inferno - Detail New Record, Launch First Single

On May 7th, black metal force Inferno will unleash their eight studio album through Debemur Morti Productions, Paradeigma (Phosphenes Of Aphotic Eternity). The outing was recorded in the KSV Studios in Prague and mixed/mastered by Iceland's producer Stephen Lockhart (Sinmara, Svartidauði) at Studio Emissary. The cover artwork was painted by Elijah Tamu. In order to taste a piece of a new music, the single "The Wailing Horizon" has been revealed and available for listening.

Conceptually, Paradeigma (Phosphenes Of Aphotic Eternity) goes deep into psychology, cosmology and horror - primarily influenced by "The Cosmos As Self-Creation" from Czech writer Michal Ajvaz, "Time Reborn" by the physicist Lee Smolin and above all "The Red Book" of Carl Jung. All these influences are fused into six dense and interconnected compositions.

Spící hrdlo Antikrista serves as a translator and has been a shadow member of the Black Metal band for nearly ten years, without ever speaking publicly in the name of Inferno: "All interpretations are welcome, especially when it comes to music and the visions it may provide. However, when it comes to concept and the lyrics, then each song actually portrays that grand pattern, though in different ways and from various perspectives. When it comes to music, Ska-Gul (guitars) was influenced by the thematic concept to a certain extent, however here the music had greater effect on the words. When he recreated the song and provided the last version of the composition it provided me with an overwhelming vision of a wailing horizon which I wrote down to the last detail and from this description Adramelech (vocals) then extracted the lyrics."

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Posted: 08.03.2021 by Abattoir

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