Nightwish - Single And Album Update

Nightwish will release a new single, entitled "Eva", on May 30. "Eva" will be an Internet-only single release, all profits from which shall be donated to a charity that will be announced later. In Finland, the single will be available exclusively from NetAnttila.

"Eva" will feature the new Nightwish, chosen from about 2,000 applicants. The singer's identity will be revealed simultaneously in a press statement and on the band's website,, on Wednesday, May 30. A radio promo of the Internet single will ship on the same day.

The sixth Nightwish album will be released on September 26, preceded by a second, regular single release in August.

Nightwish will embark on a North American headlining tour beginning on October 15 in Springfield, VA. A list of upcoming shows can be found at this location.

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Event: Nightwish + Paradise Lost: North American Tour
Posted: 20.02.2007 by Thryce


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20.02.2007 - 16:18

Posts: 3066
From: Malta

Another news , another mistery in this case. Who is the new singer? . We have to wiat till 30th May
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20.02.2007 - 16:21
Rosetta Stoned

Posts: 1023
From: Sweden

Hahaha, what a PR-trick
My mothers name's Eva!
20.02.2007 - 16:46
Advice Troll

Posts: 1697
From: Greece

Nice... I always like to contribute into charities... I may buy this
Bitch! Please
20.02.2007 - 16:53

Posts: 24
From: Japan

Written by Spyroid on 20.02.2007 at 16:21

Hahaha, what a PR-trick
My mothers name's Eva!

lol your mom rocks

I'm sure the album will be one of my best album in 2007.
Can't waitttt!
20.02.2007 - 17:40
Account deleted
Good thing the money is going to charity. People (at least around here) will feel alot of exitement until that day
20.02.2007 - 17:52
Account deleted
finally! anticipating this...
20.02.2007 - 18:06
Account deleted
Hmmm, would tuomas go totally biblical with the new single?
20.02.2007 - 18:28
Golden Wing

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From: Germany

Ohhh.. we have to wait so long! I hope that new song and singer will be worth such long waiting, otherwise Nightwish will be the biggest letdown in my life...
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21.02.2007 - 07:55

Posts: 46
From: Mexico

21.02.2007 - 08:25
Account deleted
So we know about the release date of the new album, but who is the new singer of Nightwish?
21.02.2007 - 10:08

Posts: 129
From: Australia, one thing I know..the new singer has big expectations to fill..will she be as good as Tarja or not we are yet to see..but some how I think I will be saying 'the old Nightwish was better'..but time will tell..
21.02.2007 - 11:57
Account deleted
Written by Princ_Of_Horror on 21.02.2007 at 10:08

but some how I think I will be saying 'the old Nightwish was better'..but time will tell..

Maybe most of us have thought that since the departure of Tarja
21.02.2007 - 13:27
Angel of Lust

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From: Italy

The mystery goes on...
Yes we all hope that the new singer will be as good as Tarja... IMO, she will be "different", not a copy of Tarja...

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Howard Phillips Lovecraft
21.02.2007 - 13:27
Account deleted
Tarja was good for the band, but she was becoming too much of a diva, as stated in the letter Tuomas and the others wrote. The new singer will breathe life into the band, IMO, and signify a new change. It won't be the same, but they'll still be as good, maybe even better.
21.02.2007 - 15:45

Posts: 253
From: Estonia
I'm quite sure that the name of the new singer is Eva,I don't know why though.
oh my fucking god, fucking dinosaurs
21.02.2007 - 18:09

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From: Finland

HYPE HYPE! Tarja returns as a singer, just a pr trick But seriously, why look for a new singer when they have Marco?
07.03.2007 - 11:46

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From: Belgium

I think it would be better not to just have Marco as singer.
The mixture of a male and a female voice fitted nicely in Nightwish.
I do agree that the new singer is probably not a copy of Tarja.
Better not I would say.
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12.03.2007 - 15:24
Account deleted
Ok, let's see what Tuomas's gonna show now... I wish they don't change everything. I can't wait so much time
12.03.2007 - 18:41
The Captain
Account deleted
The biggest thing that I am waiting on is what style the new singer will sing. Will Nightwish go in a new direction and choose a extreme female singer? Or will they stick with the same female classic/opera singer that made them stick out? Will the singer even be female at all? Tune in May 30th to find out.
17.03.2007 - 12:31

Posts: 8
From: USA

That place they are kicking off their tour at... its a real dump!

A sin for a band as elegant as Nightwish!
07.07.2007 - 15:31

Posts: 138
From: The Netherlands

the single is good =D maybe nightwish is coming back =D i hope so. Great new singer.

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