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The following "Ghost Opera Press Release" has been posted on Kamelot's official website:

After their biggest and most successful releases "The Black Halo" and the critically acclaimed "One Cold Winter's Night" metal pioneers Kamelot return with another studio masterpiece; "Ghost Opera" which will hit stores on these dates:

Germany: June 1
Europe: June 4
USA: June 5

"Ghost Opera" will be Kamelot 's third release via SPV/Steamhammer Records.

"Ghost Opera" was recorded and mixed at Gate Studios and Pathway Studios in Wolfsburg , Germany with producers Sascha Paeth and Miro. Artwork was handled by Mattias Norén with contributions by Alexandra V. Bach, Liliana Sanchez and Derek Gores. A limited-edition digipack version of the CD will include the bonus cut "The Pendulous Fall" along with a bonus DVD containing the video for the album's title track, "Ghost Opera", shot by director Ivan Colic of Serbia's ICode Team as well as the making of the "Ghost Opera" video. The Limited Edition will contain a special extended booklet as well.

SPV records will release a strictly limited single CD of "Ghost Opera" to be handed out to fans attending the European Tour in March, April and May 2007.

"Ghost Opera" limited-edition digipack [cover] tracklisting:

01. Solitaire
02. Rule The World
03. Ghost Opera
04. The Human Stain
05. Blücher
06. Love You To Death
07. Up Through The Ashes
08. Mourning Star
09. Silence Of The Darkness
10. Anthem
11. EdenEcho
12. The Pendulous Fall [limited edition bonus]

Kamelot's guitarist Thomas Youngblood states: "We are very excited about the new tour and album release this year. Ghost Opera is full of new and varied elements for us and the fans. This will be our most ambitious stage show ever as well".

In good Kamelot tradition "Ghost Opera" includes an array of guests, exotic instuments and dives into new musical territory.

"This is certainly another leap forward for Kamelot, with what I think is our best, most exciting and important production to date" - says Kamelot vocalist Khan.

Kamelot's current lineup is as follows:
Khan - Vocals
Thomas Youngblood - Guitars
Glenn Barry - Bass
Oliver Palotai - Keys
Casey Grillo - Drums

Kamelot's World Tour 2007-2008 kicks off this Spring March 28 th in Europe. Special Guests in Europe and North America "Leaves' Eyes". See Tour Info section for tour dates.

Source: kamelot.com
Band profile: Kamelot
Event: Kamelot: European Tour
Posted: 21.03.2007 by Thryce


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21.03.2007 - 18:43
Der Meister
Account deleted
I. Am. Fucking. Psyched. About. This. !. !. !. I wish I knew someone who likes Kamelot, I'm not a fan of going to gigs all by my own, but I would really, really love to see this band live! Life ain't fair!
21.03.2007 - 18:57
I definitely cant wait for their new album. Im going to see them live when they come in September. Dont care if its by myself...it will be worth it.

Thanks to Corrupt for these banners!
21.03.2007 - 19:05
Advice Troll
Nice! I'm looking forward to it!
Bitch! Please
21.03.2007 - 19:36
Aww too bad the show here is already next month, way before the release. If they play new songs i wont know em yet
memories in paraphraze ...
21.03.2007 - 20:50
Man, the cover is truly awesome Hope they will tour again in Europe after the USA tour to see the new album live. Can't wait to hear it.

@Etaín : Haha, yes, but don't worry, nobody will know them.
@Der Meister : i've already seen them live being alone, it was worth it. Go if you can.
21.03.2007 - 21:46
Daru Jericho
Nice. I like the album art too.
Aborted Misanthropic Smurf Puppy On Acid.

21.03.2007 - 23:33
Der Meister
Account deleted
I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to be there, alone, but there nevertheless!
22.03.2007 - 00:08
the album cover is great...can't wait for the songs to hear
22.03.2007 - 01:40
Jason W.
Woo! I'm going to see them Aug 18th, and looking forward to hearing some new material
"After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." - Aldous Huxley
22.03.2007 - 02:24
Its like every album they make keeps getting better and better than the last. Theyre an unbelievable band, can't wait at all
22.03.2007 - 05:29
Account deleted
Their closest show to me is in Mokena and on a Monday night!! That SUCKS!! I'm in Saint Louis and probably won't be able to miss work for 2 days to see it! But I'm so STOKED about getting the new digipak on June 5th!!! KAMELOT RULES!!!
22.03.2007 - 05:52
Sounds awesome, cant wait to hear it.
The Way is Shut.
22.03.2007 - 10:39
Very nice coverart...really looking forward to this release. To bad they're not playing in Denmark would like to see them live

Dreams are made so we don't get bored when we sleep
22.03.2007 - 11:17
Wow great news. Great Cover art work too.
I don't know but seems that this album is more into symphonic / opera scene rather than power metal. This kind of metal music is getting quite popular .
Have you listen to samples about this album ?
"For what point has this life if you can't realise your dreams?" -- The Divine Comedy
22.03.2007 - 16:57
Account deleted
Wow, only three months away. Maybe we can expect a promo soon,
22.03.2007 - 16:58
Kick ass!
22.03.2007 - 17:23
That's a great looking cover, Norén did it again!
I will definitely pre-order the limited edition.

23.03.2007 - 22:10
The Alchemist
Great album cover, I'm sure this album will be excellent.
wish they tour around here, but it seems kind of difficult

I'm not afraid to die, I'm afraid to be alive without being aware of it
Sensorium - Epica
08.04.2007 - 23:48
I'm sure it will be an masterpiece. the single "Ghost Opera" is just deadly!
19.04.2007 - 07:13
Woohoo!! I can't wait for Kamelot's new album. Agree with Kronosd, the album title and the songs titles are great.
29.05.2007 - 23:52
Like the title, don't like the album art, and I don't like the single of Ghost Opera, but from the rest of album I've heard it's gonna fuckin' rule! Got it pre-ordered, now the wait continues.

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