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MySpace.com has debuted Dimmu Borgir's new video, for the track 'The Serpentine Offering'. Check it out at this location.

"In Sorte Diaboli" is scheduled for an April 24th release in North America. More info regarding the worldwide versions of "In Sorte Diaboli" can be found here.

Source: nuclearblast.de
Band profile: Dimmu Borgir
Posted: 03.04.2007 by Thryce


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03.04.2007 - 21:29
mildly amusing video. shaggy still sports that ridiculous inverted cross necklace and galdar is busy posing away with his guitar each time the camera pans his way...

...OOOH! i am surprised!

...RAWR! I am glaring!

...HAWR! I am a pretty pony!

The cinematics weren't bad, the drum kit was amusing, and the effects with the snow/smoke while the band was performing were decent. I did like the segment where the camera pans down on Shaggy as he sings and the smoke that is coming up from around his body makes it look almost as if he is the one smoldering.

Not ground breaking, but I'm not wishing I had those five minutes back, either.
get the fuck off my lawn.
03.04.2007 - 21:46
Account deleted
Midle class video to a midle class song of a midle class cd..
03.04.2007 - 21:49
Mr. Noise
...HAWR! I am a pretty pony!

That sounds like something he could really think!! haha
SLUDGE. DOOM. DEATH. Wait, what?

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03.04.2007 - 22:00
White Winter Sun
Laboratory's Rat
The first notices of this video are also laudatory as those of the abum
03.04.2007 - 22:07
Account deleted
Damn this was boring....
03.04.2007 - 22:19
Account deleted
Oh hey, ...THEY ALL LOOK FAT !
03.04.2007 - 22:25
Sounds like a Death Cult Armageddon reject track. Nothin new, the video for Progenies was better, atleast that had some eye candy.
03.04.2007 - 22:45
Pretty good, nothing spectacular but pretty good. Seems a bit chaotic though... And come on, nobody can seriously expect a video that is not funny from a band that wears corpse paint and unholy armor.

Great song, good album, average video.
03.04.2007 - 23:02
Rosetta Stoned
EPIC!!! I like it
03.04.2007 - 23:10
Daru Jericho
Hellhammer has awesome boots.

But the song is a bit sub par for me. Even the drumming is standard for HH. The keys were nice but I don't think this album will be anything spectacular.
Aborted Misanthropic Smurf Puppy On Acid.

04.04.2007 - 00:38
Account deleted
Nothing impresive...
04.04.2007 - 01:27
Curtis the Bum
Account deleted
for me it was just another dimmu borgir song. It was a great vid, but nothing new in their sound.
04.04.2007 - 02:39
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
Nice video, song kind of bores me though.
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04.04.2007 - 04:17
Account deleted
Hellhammer is so fucking awesome. Those boots look like they weigh a ton. I've tried doublebass drumming in boots and it's hell (get it? hell? hellhammer?). Which makes him even more awesome. I liked the video too. And the song is cool.
04.04.2007 - 04:39
Like some people have already said, this song is pretty boring. It seems like their label wanted them to water down a song for their single. I'm still going to buy the album though.
04.04.2007 - 05:21
Hmmm not sure what to think, seems that they are moving towards even more keyboard sounds n all that jazz.

Did they all put on weight since the stormblast re-issue ? shaggers especially looks abit well-fed lol

And is Silonez using an ESP alexi ?
04.04.2007 - 07:06
I thought the video was pretty good. The song is also a good one imo...its the best off the album imo...which is not saying that much. Ive listened to the whole album more than once...and I really liked it at first, but now that Ive listened to it 3-4 times...its lacking (besides being nothing new).

No offence to Hellhammer but his drumming was a bit stale on the album. Thats part of what ruined it for me...and Hellhammer is a great drummer. He could have done better.

Thanks to Corrupt for these banners!
04.04.2007 - 10:14
Written by Lucas on 03.04.2007 at 21:49

...HAWR! I am a pretty pony!

That sounds like something he could really think!! haha

that is one scary pony :shit:
This site is great. FOR ME TO POOP ON.

reBubblefuckered !!!BAAAALEEETEEED!!!
04.04.2007 - 12:25
Angel of Lust
The video is good and the song too, but I think it's the best song in their new album, which doesn't impress me...
They all have put on weight surely, Shagrath and Vortex more than the others!

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04.04.2007 - 13:37
Written by Daru Jericho on 03.04.2007 at 23:10

Hellhammer has awesome boots.

But the song is a bit sub par for me. Even the drumming is standard for HH.

Yeah, he's certainly not been pushed at all. It's annoying.

I'm not a fan of the song (all those breakdown/mid-paced bits... ), but I love the video - all the period parts rock, and the "smouldering" suit is an AWESOME idea. I wonder how one goes about getting one...
"Summoned By Words Never Spoken Before..."
04.04.2007 - 17:39
The song kicks ass but the video should have been more extreme.
04.04.2007 - 20:57
Account deleted
Nothing new or interesting really. The organs were cool.
04.04.2007 - 23:26
Bitch Boy
I liked the song, but I liked more the video the organ was also really cool.
05.04.2007 - 03:26
Metal 1986
Account deleted
The video looked like a movie premier for an upcoming movie
06.04.2007 - 02:58
Account deleted
HOOAH!!! A new Dimmu album! Hopefully it's better than the Stromblast remake.
07.04.2007 - 18:15
The video is generic...the music is, well, lost its touch but some parts of the song are actually pretty cool.
10.04.2007 - 01:09
Metal Master
Hmm...If we take out scenes with these ordinary people, we got big similarity with "Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse" video.
14.04.2007 - 08:04
alexo dynami
There Vortex bit was not epic enough and he's fat, hopefully he loses weight soon. If their whole album is like that song..........................:sleep:
bring some more filthy black metal into it
18.04.2007 - 13:35
Bad English
This video are boring and iscsusting, tahy lost ald Dimmu roots beter watch soem Norvegian landscapes whit instrumental song(ye sthis can be good instrumental)
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
30.04.2007 - 21:46
Account deleted
simply amazing video! vortex has improved his voice so much and hellhammer's intro with the drums was the sweetest thing ever. my first like 5 times watching it i was like of course i think i hurt my neck head banging to the video. I went a bit overboard on the energy drinks that day

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