From Wacken Open Air and onwards, Mats Levén will no longer be singing with the band. It was a decision taken by the whole band in discussion with Mats. This change of line-up is on friendly terms and the remaining shows before Wacken will be performed with the same energy and passion as if nothing had happened. There are no bad feelings. Therion will continue to delevop even further into the direction we set on the last tour and Mats will focus on his new projects.

The background to this change is that on the last tour we all noticed that Mats lacked a bit of the energy and motivation we used to see in him. Not in a way that the actual performance on stage suffered from it, he has always been extremely professional and would never let down an audience. It was rather us noticing behind the scenes that some of his previous fire was missing. It seemed the new concept with 4 lead singers and a somewhat more musical type of set up didn't suit him as well as the concept we had before where his rock n' roll style contrasting to Karin Fjellanders traditional classsical appearance was a huge part of the idea. So we started to think and talk about the possibility of finding someone else who would have the right motivation and vocal skills to develp this new live concept even further.
A while after the tour we had discussions with Mats that in the end led to the decision to free him from his duties and search for a replacement.

Every time there was a change in the Therion line-up, it caused a lot of discussions. Some will always prefer the previous line-up because for some reason or another. Those who was with us back then probably remember the discussions after Martina, Anders "the bald guy" Engberg etc. Some fans fell in love with the high-energy vitamin injection that Mats gave to the band, while others thought he was too much rock n' roll for Therion (which btw was totally our intention when engaging him for the Lemuria/Sirius B tour). Without a doubt though, it is clear that a majority will think back of the period with Mats on stage with a huge smile. Each stage in Therion's development has had it's own unique charm and strenghts and it is therefore a good thing when people are missed, but the good part is that it does not mean one has to be disappointed with the next step.

And the part you all have been waiting for... The new guy will be Thomas Vikström, a singer who has been singing both opera, operettas and musicals as well as rock, metal and loads of other stuff. He is probably most known in the metal world for singing on a Candlemass album (which is actually far from his best effort). Here in Sweden he is also know for the melodic hard rock band Talk Of The Town. His great vocal abilities will for sure be more known at least among the Therion fans after the tour.

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Posted: 11.05.2007 by Jeff


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Jeff - 11.05.2007 at 21:09  
SUPER news

Therion without him, that's not a good thing sorry...
Bad English - 11.05.2007 at 21:31  
Written by Jeff on 11.05.2007 at 21:09

SUPER news

Therion without him, that's not a good thing sorry...

I agree its posible replace member wgo play instruments but not singer Therion be like ... i dunno but ist so sad
Daru Jericho - 11.05.2007 at 22:33  
That's a shame. At least I saw him twice and once more at Hellfest.
Bitch Boy - 11.05.2007 at 23:35  
This is really bad news!! Mats did a very good job while being in Therion, especially in "Lemuria" and "Sirius B".
Asitis - 12.05.2007 at 01:00  
Lets just hope he doesnt screw up the Wacken performance. Lets hope he'll give himself 120% for the final time.
Susan - 12.05.2007 at 03:47  
Well now that they're a pop band they don't have use for a great metal voice like his. Makes perfect sense!
Rathma - 12.05.2007 at 06:19  
He sounds pretty bad live anyways. Great voice on CD though.
Katatronik - 12.05.2007 at 14:15  
Very bad news! Mats is a great vocalist, especially on CD... Thomas Vikström is good too, not as Mats anyway...
Spyroid - 12.05.2007 at 14:26  
It's a bit sad, but I didn't really like Therion with a lead singer anyway. He does a great job on Sirius B/Lemuria but a few tracks is enough. I'm seeing him with Krux in a month anyway, that will be cool!
Infurnace - 12.05.2007 at 17:23  
Ah damn, that's bad. I always wanted to see this guy in person. But now he leave's the band before I can even see him.
White Winter Sun - 13.05.2007 at 23:54  
Very bad news. But as it's often said, wait and see...
Lucas - 16.05.2007 at 19:25  
Is the 'He's the new vocalist of Nightwish"-joke already over? A shame, I liked it.
RhaegarTargaryen - 31.05.2007 at 01:13  
Im very sad cause Mats left, hes one of my favourites, but he's replacement is just as good.. Thomas rulez.
=maD.Doc:. - 19.06.2007 at 00:28  
Written by Susan on 12.05.2007 at 03:47

Well now that they're a pop band they don't have use for a great metal voice like his. Makes perfect sense!

You have a very odd taste of what's pop?
Susan - 20.06.2007 at 23:02  
@Reconciler: Yes, I do

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