Korpiklaani - European Tour Announced

The Finnish Folk metallers and happy little boozers of Korpiklaani have updated their official website with the following joyful message:

"Hide your booze and lock your daughters, for 'klaani will once again ravage Europe from North to South and from East to West! Check the tour dates for Germany, Italy, France and more."

Confirmed dates are as follows:

16.10.2007 TBA, Berlin Germany
17.10.2007 Firley, Wroclaw Poland
18.10.2007 Zluty Pes, Pardubice Czech Republic
19.10.2007 KD Serikovka, Plzen Czech Republic
20.10.2007 Masters Of Rock Cafe, Zlin Czech Republic
22.10.2007 Kultiplex, Budapest Hungary
23.10.2007 Arena, Vienna Austria
24.10.2007 Gala Hala, Ljubljana Slovenia
25.10.2007 New Age, Treviso Italy
26.10.2007 Transilvania, Milan Italy
27.10.2007 Pagan Fest, Stadthalle, Dietikon Swizerland (with Moonsorrow, Battlelore...)
28.10.2007 Nouveau Casino, Paris France
30.10.2007 The UnderworldCamden, London United Kingdom
31.10.2007 Biebob Belgium
01.11.2007 Melkweg, Amsterdam Netherlands
02.11.2007 Vera, Groningen Netherlands
03.11.2007 Ultima Ratio Festival, Oberhausen Germany
04.11.2007 Treibsand, Lübeck Germany

Source: korpiklaani.com
Band profile: Korpiklaani
Event: Korpiklaani: European Tour
Posted: 27.07.2007 by White Winter Sun


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27.07.2007 - 16:53
Angel of Lust
Sweet, Korpiklaani in Treviso, can't wait!

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear,
and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown."
Howard Phillips Lovecraft
27.07.2007 - 18:37
another great band that skips Portugal
"i still can't imagine any of them dead. They live on; they are fixed on that far-off region called childhood, were nothing ever dies, not even oneself."
27.07.2007 - 19:01
Yeah, finnaly they will come to France! I'll be there for sure
27.07.2007 - 20:03
on my birthday they are in my countrey
28.07.2007 - 02:42
White Winter Sun
Laboratory's Rat
Written by LeDruide on 27.07.2007 at 19:01

Yeah, finnaly they will come to France! I'll be there for sure

Yes, just one date. Not miss it. Sure, it will be a good day.
28.07.2007 - 13:05
finally those dates are officialy announced! i've known about some of them for ages
For I am so omniscient that if there were to be two omnisciences's; I would be both!
- Ziltoid
28.07.2007 - 18:05
Great, they're only going to Paris...
Good thing I caught them at Hellfest, that relieves a bit of the disappointment of not seeing them this time

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