Fairyland - Parts Ways With Four Members

The following message was posted by Philippe Giordana (keyboards) from French Symphonic Power Metal band Fairyland on the band's official website:

"Anthony, Vincent, Tom and Max have decided to leave Fairyland and go on with their own project. The reasons for their departure have not been clearly expressed, and the way they handled the whole business, with direct annoucement on Fairyland's forum prior to any kind of discussion with Intromental Management, Napalm Records, Marquee Avalon, Burrn! Corporation or even me, was not very professional. However, it is their decision and I wish them all the luck they will need to make their new project break through.

Regarding Fairyland, I am and have always been the song writer, also taking care of the lyrics and vocal lines, plus the concept behind my music. So there is no reason why I should stop doing so. The only point I need to think about is whether I will try and build a new line-up, or just stay by myself and use guest musicians from different horizons. that last solution is quite appealing, since it can bring a lot of diversity to Fairyland, plus it will mean I don't have to handle a line-up's personnal issues, which is really time consuming. I'll then be able to concentrate on the music only, and all will be best.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to get a whole bunch of informations about Fairyland's next releases.

Special thanks go to Intromental Management and Napalm Records, who have decided to keep their thrust in the project. Thanks to all those who brought me support these last 2 weeks, and thanks to all the fans everywhere. We will meet again..."

Source: fairyland-metal.com
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Posted: 31.07.2007 by White Winter Sun


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31.07.2007 - 16:14
Winter is Coming
Wow all 4 leaving at the same time that hurts!

And it's good to hear he'll keep Fiaryland alive, and the idea of guest musicians is appealing
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Ser Jorah Mormont
31.07.2007 - 20:26
I believe Philippe can do it. Most people could not, but he seems capable. The guest musician idea seems like a really fun idea - I love hearing my fav musicians in various projects
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01.08.2007 - 07:09
Professional Amp
Come on, let's see Elisa Martin come back into the fold, even if it's just as a guest...
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01.08.2007 - 09:00
Account deleted
Written by Judas on 01.08.2007 at 07:09

Come on, let's see Elisa Martin come back into the fold, even if it's just as a guest...

Agreed, her vocals made the band's overall sound much more impressive than on their previous album.
01.08.2007 - 16:07
I believe that Philippe can do this alone. He is the mind of the project cause he writes the lyrics. Also i agree with him , when he wants guest musicians besides, this will give many new ideas from all these musicians. ALso i would like to listen to Elisa , she had a great performance with him . So lets hope that we will hear more music from Fairyland !
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