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Korpiklaani - Sign With Nuclear Blast

The following news has been posted on Nuclear Blast site:

The Finnish Folk-Metal tribe of Korpiklaani are the latest addition to the Nuclear Blast familiy! The guys have signed a worldwide contract and we are all looking forward to the upcoming releases of this outstanding band. The six guys coming directly from the woods have issued the following statement about this joyful occasion:

"Once upon a time were the merry men of Korpiklaani on a tour somewhere in Europe, drinking beer in the bus on the road from here to there. Between the beers there was also some talk about our future. On the small bus table, half hidden under the dog-eared deck of cards, coins and empty bottles, there was a Blast! magazine. This catalogue of Nuclear Blast had seen better days. It had already served as a beermat, ashtray and toilet entertainment, even though the language was totally incomprehensible to us.

Our highly intelligent conversation moved to record companies and we started to wonder which one of them would be the best for us. Jonne happened to set his bleary eyes on the scruffy magazine and asked if anyone knew any band that had left Nuclear Blast. There was a silence.
No one knew and we saw that it was good. That's when we first got the idea that Nuclear Blast would actually be a great company for us as well. It must be a good home for bands because no one ever leaves. The idea of us and them still felt distant and unrealistic.

As the time passed, our small and ugly Folk Metal band gained more success, slowly but steadily, and played more and more concerts. And behold, one day we got a word from our own chargé d'affaires, Matte, that one of the best is interested in us, Nuclear Blast.

Our first meeting was in Germany, the land of... eh... well, Germans. We were prepared to meet bald, fat businessmen in their black three-piece suits with briefcases full of contract papers. We couldn't find any. Instead of that there some smiling folkmetal loving fellows with pints in their hands. And then we heard the magic words: "You guys want some beer?"

Band profile: Korpiklaani
Posted: 03.09.2007 by Aylee_Bodom


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03.09.2007 - 14:28
Angel of Lust
Nice to hear, good for them!

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear,
and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown."
Howard Phillips Lovecraft
03.09.2007 - 14:40
White Winter Sun
Laboratory's Rat
A big label for a good band, good for them.

Nuclear Blast eat great bands day after day for some time ...
03.09.2007 - 16:11
Ireth Alcarin
Account deleted
lol Nuclear Blast wants to steal all the contemporary big names! anyway, one funny article after a long time finally
03.09.2007 - 16:37
Omg Nuclear Blast is like the greatest label now xD
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03.09.2007 - 16:42
Weren't Stratovarius and COB on Nuclear Blast but aren't anymore? Oh well I am extremely pleased for them Nuclear Blast is an excellent label! Better than it's retarded brother Roadrunner...
03.09.2007 - 17:24
...And then we heard the magic words: "You guys want some beer?"...that was quite a tale. Good for them

Dreams are made so we don't get bored when we sleep
03.09.2007 - 20:01
Written by kaos666 on 03.09.2007 at 16:42

Weren't Stratovarius and COB on Nuclear Blast but aren't anymore? Oh well I am extremely pleased for them Nuclear Blast is an excellent label! Better than it's retarded brother Roadrunner...

Bodom are signed to Spinefarm in Finland, although I know of many bands that have different labels for different countries...they could have their music published by NB somewhere...

As for the fact that no bands have left, I think that's more due to NB's ridiculous habit of re-releasing albums completely unnecessarily (that are usually still well within print) in several different formats, with obvious, which means slightly increased profits for the bands. I haven't heard of Nuclear Blast screwing over any bands a la Century Media and Roadrunner, but they're not far off in terms of greed.

Still, fair play to the band, but if that isn't the most idiotically written news piece ever, I don't know what is. 'From the forest...'? What are they, Wolves In The Throne Room now?
03.09.2007 - 21:18
Account deleted
Cool for them I guess.. And cool for Blast too.
03.09.2007 - 21:45
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
Yeah NB signed Belphegor after there previous label (napalm I believe) screwed them over. Funny article. Maybe theyll re-release a compilation of the Shaman era Korp that i cant find for the life of me.
"I got a lot of really good ideas, problem is, most of them suck."
- George Carlin
03.09.2007 - 23:22
Account deleted
It's only a matter of time before Roadrunner swoops in to screw over yet another awesome band. But at least now I might actually have a chance of getting their stuff distributed to my town.
04.09.2007 - 10:11
Heaven Knight
great more of my favorite together under one roof
So behold the flight of the sapphire dragon
soaring through the skies once again

04.09.2007 - 13:44
Haha I just saw the similar topics thing and one piece of news is 'Primal Fear parts ways with Nuclear Blast'! Well bands have left the label but Primal Fear aint that good anyway...why do I even care about that...god I am bored...
05.09.2007 - 06:26
Winter is Coming
That was a very entertaining way of announcing it

Good for them
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