Falconer - New Album In The Works

The following update has been posted on the official Falconer website:

"Hi folks!

Now we have all the new songs for the next album written. There's just the finishing touches left to do. We will start recording around christmas this year and then mix it in May 2008. Faster and more complex than the last album is a quite good description I would say.

The 3rd birth has happened within Falconer in a year as Magnus got a little son.

All shirts are sold out now and we're looking for companies to handle the printing and selling of the official merchandise in the future. As long as it is a fair deal it's interesting. We'll see what happens.

Until then, take care!

Stefan / 12th of October '07"

Source: falconermusic.com
Band profile: Falconer
Posted: 13.10.2007 by Baz Anderson


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13.10.2007 - 04:29
Account deleted
Yeah! Great News!! I know this album is going to kick some ass!!
13.10.2007 - 10:05
Winter is Coming
Awesome, they're on a roll, hope all goes as planned
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Ser Jorah Mormont
13.10.2007 - 10:22
Faster and more complex...that sounds really promising

Dreams are made so we don't get bored when we sleep
13.10.2007 - 11:20
wow im excited about this. I love them.
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Like you could kiss my ass.
13.10.2007 - 11:33
Queen Of Hippies
Account deleted
We'll see... I want a t-shirt too
13.10.2007 - 14:20
Baz Anderson
I was going to get a shirt at Wacken but the ones they had didn't seem all that interesting
still, they put on one of the best shows of the festival and it wasn't even on one of the main stages
looking forward to the new album of course
13.10.2007 - 19:16
Retired Staff
i hope it wont be as much of a disappointment as Northwind was, but i'm looking forward to it anyway, after all there's a slight chance that it'll be such a masterpiece as their debut and Chapters..
BAS - Beautifully Accented Sexiness
13.10.2007 - 20:31
YAY Great news I'm looking forward to this. I did like a lot Northwind maybe not as much as the first one but well this sounds very promising I cant wait
15.10.2007 - 05:15
I R Serious Cat
Well, I hope it is faster than Northwind. not that is bad, Northwind kicks ass, but the faster the better.
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15.10.2007 - 09:04
Jason W.
Ya I really haven't listened to Northwind much since it came out, though I love a couple of tracks on it. I really love their uptempo tracks and hopefully this isn't just prerelease hype and they really are going to add more faster tracks to the new disc!
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15.10.2007 - 14:16
White Winter Sun
Laboratory's Rat
Great news, I'm looking forward this. More faster and more complex sounds good. Wait and see.
17.10.2007 - 21:42
To Arms!
Great Falconer is outstanding
Stay Metal !!!
29.12.2007 - 22:44
Account deleted
Great News, I can't wait for their new work. The latest work, Northwind was the best album of Falconer, let us wait with which they will surprise us this you see.

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