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Gamma Ray - New Video Online

Gamma Ray's video for the song 'Into The Storm' has been posted at this location (Real Media).

The track comes off the German band's new album, "Land Of The Free II" due in Europe on November 19 (November 16 in Germany, January in US) via SPV Records. More info and audio samples are available at this location.

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Posted: 01.11.2007 by White Winter Sun


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01.11.2007 - 15:53
Rosetta Stoned
Sounds a lot like older Gamma Ray - I&G (minus Ralf), Land of the Free... not great innovation or quality but an okay song and it sounds like Gamma Ray has always done! Not overwhelmed but more or less ensured that I've got another great Gamma Ray release to look forward to.
01.11.2007 - 15:57
Best Gamma Ray album by far and one of the best metal album of the last 10 years. It rocks so much honestly, it's even better than the first Land Of The Free, and I can't wait to buy the full release and stop listening to the promo :p

btw, this song is probably one of the worse if not the worst of the album, they should have released a better track as a single.

ty worpex, I couldn't download it otherwise

Believe me Baz, the new Gamma Ray is 10 times better than the new Helloween, you can't even compare them in my opinion !
01.11.2007 - 16:15
Winter is Coming
I was reminded of the movie SAW when i saw the girl in the chair, and i did not get the significant of her being in the video
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Ser Jorah Mormont
01.11.2007 - 16:53
Land Of The Free II, i will say it's an awesome album. It was as good as i hoped for. "Into The Storm" is not a bad song. It's my meaning but i think it's a great song. It's the best song for a single in my mind. But i look forward to the release soon And im going to the Helloween/Gamma Ray concert in Oslo next month *Up Da Rayyyyz*
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01.11.2007 - 21:02
For those who don't want to download it, heres the youtube link:
01.11.2007 - 21:45
Baz Anderson
I cannot wait to hear this album!!
This new Gamma Ray album is the only thing that might rival the new Helloween album for "album of the year"
we shall have to wait and see...
02.11.2007 - 20:40
The Norseman
The song is nice but the video could be better.
03.11.2007 - 05:07
Hyvaarin it just me, or is that intro riff EXTREMELY similar to the Power Rangers theme? The song is generic as hell, but fun .
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