Obituary - To Release Best Of Album

Roadrunner Records has set a January 29, 2008 release date for a "best-of" collection from legendary Florida death metallers Obituary.

The press release reads as folows:
"If you're a true metalhead, the name Obituary isn't new to you. They made some of vilest and darkest music there ever will be and was once the definitive death metal band. The Best of Obituary comes out on January 8, 2008."

"The Best of Obituary" [cover] tracklist:

01. Internal Bleeding
02. 'Til Death
03. Slowly We Rot
04. Cause Of Death
05. Chopped In Half
06. Turned Inside Out
07. The End Complete
08. I'm In Pain
09. Don't Care
10. Final Thoughts
11. Kill For Me
12. Threatening Skies
13. On The Floor

Band profile: Obituary
Posted: 08.12.2007 by Thryce


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08.12.2007 - 16:03
White Winter Sun
Laboratory's Rat
Funny artwork idea, but the finish is less successful.
08.12.2007 - 16:24
Bad English
Written by White Winter Sun on 08.12.2007 at 16:03

Funny artwork idea, but the finish is less successful.

I hope it dont means literaly 'death' or 'funeral' of band
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
08.12.2007 - 16:30
White Winter Sun
Laboratory's Rat
Written by Bad English on 08.12.2007 at 16:24

I hope it dont means literaly 'death' or 'funeral' of band

It's a best-of, I hope that the farewell album will be later
08.12.2007 - 17:12
Account deleted
correct me if i'm wrong, but wasn't Anthology basically a 'best-of'
08.12.2007 - 18:24
Account deleted
I would personally have added some more from the first three albums to this collection.

Good choices though . . .
08.12.2007 - 21:51
Written by Guest on 08.12.2007 at 17:12

correct me if i'm wrong, but wasn't Anthology basically a 'best-of'

exactly and its got more songs on it. i love obituary but i have to say this is a pointless release!
08.12.2007 - 22:12
LeChron James
LOL at the cover art
Kick Ass, Die Young

Less is More
Stay Pure
Stay Poor

Music was my life, music brought me to life and music is how I will be remembered long after I leave this life. When I die there will be a final waltz in my head that only I can hear.
08.12.2007 - 23:33
Good song choices, and great coverart I say.
08.12.2007 - 23:58
10.12.2007 - 01:08
Account deleted
that cover picture is old, from the cause of death remastered album booklet
10.12.2007 - 07:01
You know... so long as you pick up an album that's not Back From the Dead, you pretty much did pick up all of Obituary's greatest hits.
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