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New York, NY: "Swedish progressive metal titans Opeth, often credited as being forward thinkers who are a genre of one, are proud to announce "Watershed" as the title of their forthcoming album, due out on Roadrunner Records on June 2nd, 2008. The album, recorded in the band's native Sweden and produced by frontman/guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt and Jens Bogren, is a masterwork that follows the time-honored Opeth tradition; its modern yet timeless, progressive yet paying homage to the sounds of classic rock.

"Watershed" is truly one of those special records that cycles through a variety of moods, speeds and textures, complete with lots of subtleties and nuances of sound. Because of its expansive scope, "Watershed" is destined to land the album atop many "Best Of" lists. Album opener "Coil" is a gorgeous acoustic number, featuring local folk vocalist Nathalie Lorichs, while "Heir Apparent" will knock listeners unconscious with its blunt force metal. Always one to defy the rules, Opeth posits sung vocals over artillery-like blast beats on "The Lotus Eater", cementing their reputation as innovators and redefiners.

"Watershed" combines elements of modern metal, prog rock, free jazz and hints of European folk music, all of which come together for a seamless, unique collection of songs that will leave an indelible mark upon all who listen. "Watershed" is the first Opeth release to feature new guitarist Fredrik Akesson and drummer Martin Axenrot and is the band's second effort for Roadrunner Records. "Watershed" is the eagerly awaited follow up to 2005's critically acclaimed Ghost Reveries."

The complete track listing is as follows:

01. Coil
02. Heir Apparent
03. The Lotus Eater
04. Burden
05. Porcelain Heart
06. Hessian Peel
07. Hex Omega

Band profile: Opeth
Posted: 05.02.2008 by Thryce


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BloodTears - 05.02.2008 at 11:23  
Well well well...

"Watershed" sounds good to me, it has a ring to it. And I like the title of some of the songs alright. I do think that the massive praising of the album before its released is more of a marketing move to make us curious. I dont think it'll be all that perfect. I don't think it'll be bad but the fact that they are praising it so much already makes me wonder...

I hope it blows my mind. Can't wait to buy it.
BurbotsRevenge - 05.02.2008 at 12:58  
can't wait to get a hold of this release sounds good
addiction - 05.02.2008 at 13:16  
it is very annoying that they are praising it so much...and i am surprised they used a female vocalist for the first should be interesting i guess....and hope....
apart from this bad press release, i iked the title of the album and the song titles....hopefully i will like the album as well...:)
bad thing...its almost 4 months away til then....on the bright side, i'll see them in april....:)
Duy Hung - 05.02.2008 at 13:52  
One more album to the wishlist ..
Abattoir - 05.02.2008 at 15:19  
Great news...because, from Opeth you can always expect the good staff...
Visioneerie - 05.02.2008 at 15:34  
Oh damn, i'll be getting very impatient for this one, june is pretty far away when we're talking about an Opeth release. I seriously can't wait for this, hope they put a song on their myspace or something. The big question, once again, is if this album will live up to the others.
selken - 05.02.2008 at 15:55  
this article sounds too glamorous to, me, but I know it will a kicking arses album!!!
Infurnace - 05.02.2008 at 16:17  
Written by Abattoir on 05.02.2008 at 15:19

Great news...because, from Opeth you can always expect the good staff...

Yep, I agree with you there. Really looking forward it.
Spyroid - 05.02.2008 at 17:03  
Warman - 05.02.2008 at 17:20  
Whoa, anything below a 9 will be a dissapointment for me! Stunning band.
Stigma - 05.02.2008 at 19:50  
Great, will probably be good again. Someone really knows how to make a promotive press release btw.
Talvi - 05.02.2008 at 19:59  
So the opener will be a acoustic song like Windowpane? Strange from a 'normal' Opeth album. Usually the opener is one of the heaviest of it's album.
Katatronik - 05.02.2008 at 20:49  
Really can't wait for the new album, I hope in another masterpiece, as I'm used to with Opeth...
Dark Blood - 05.02.2008 at 21:04  
Sweet! Can't wait for it!
-DC-002- - 05.02.2008 at 21:27  
hope its a classic. but what opeth records' not
BloodyBanana - 05.02.2008 at 21:29  
This is going to be yet another Opeth masterpeice.. Cant wait for this!
Ulv - 05.02.2008 at 23:44  
it sounds pretty amazing. cant wait to have it!!!
Doc Godin - 05.02.2008 at 23:53  
Its about bloody time.
Introspekrieg - 06.02.2008 at 00:03  
I do not want to hear this. I feel like I'm being setup to be disappointed, with all the pre-release rave reviews. June can't get here soon enough, very excited.
Blodeuedd - 06.02.2008 at 00:14  
i like the name 'watershed'....cant wait to hear it!
RhaegarTargaryen - 06.02.2008 at 01:05  
Put it in my veins. NOW.
Ereinion - 06.02.2008 at 10:53  
They havw also made some cover songs
ROBIN TROWER "Bridge of Sighs"
MARIE FREDRIKSSON "Den Ständiga Resan" (sung in Swedish)
ALICE IN CHAINS song "Would?"
Damnated - 06.02.2008 at 18:37  
too much praise. i doubt it will live up to it. it is just not possible.
VileLabyrinth - 07.02.2008 at 17:14  
Well, not too sure about the female vocalist..but i'm sure Opeth won't release a sub-par, i'm excited! can't wait! WooHoo!!
Erunámë - 07.02.2008 at 18:52  
i can't wait to hear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have to listen that masterpiece NOWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Locke - 08.02.2008 at 08:23  
Take the press release with a grain of salt, Road Runner has a habit of releasing hyperbole wankfests like that. Still I don't doubt that the album is going to be fucking amazing.
In_tallica - 13.02.2008 at 19:49  
Åkerfeldt allways comes up with these extremely cool song titles. ''The Lotus Eater'', ''Hex Omega''. I like it! sounds like this gonna b a good 1. Opeth never dissapoints you!
Damnated - 14.02.2008 at 20:26  
the cover of the new album
a MasT - 15.02.2008 at 20:06  
I wonder if the covers they made are gonna be on the new album, it didn't specify. I hope they are on the album and not on a special edition rerelease or anything like that. I really liked the tracks on the special edition blackwater park but i had already bought the original album. I couldn't bring myself to spend 20 more dollars on two songs.
Quadz - 22.02.2008 at 01:10  
I have a good feeling about this album.
Bad English - 01.03.2008 at 13:21  
Damn thay changing but I can not coment ebfore I havnt hear but I dont like MODERN metal so can not wate it
ß - 01.03.2008 at 18:02  
Hopefully it's a solid cd just like the rest of theirs
Warman - 01.03.2008 at 18:14  
I've read it's their hardest CD to get into, according to some producer of the album or something like that.
Mr. Doctor - 01.03.2008 at 20:15  
I hope it will be better that Ghost Reveries... since that album was a BIG dissapointment to me.... A shitty album...

But I have the feeling that this gonna be good.
Krashlanmar - 05.03.2008 at 09:46  
I love Opeth. I hope Watershed will not be a let down, and I have great faith that it will not be.

Can't wait.
Metal_Militia - 06.03.2008 at 05:03  
Absolutely cannot wait for this one. It's about time they put out some new material! Hope its as good as Ghost Reveries which blew me away. Cant wait to see them with Dream Theater and Three in Columbus
Evil Chip - 09.03.2008 at 01:46  
Other masterpiece coming?
Quadz - 10.03.2008 at 23:26  
Written by Evil Chip on 09.03.2008 at 01:46

Other masterpiece coming?

I hope so

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