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A new single from power metallers german power metallers, Edguy.. Take your time and read through the original article below, taken from massive label Nuclear Blast's homepage. Tracklisting included..

Have you ever asked yourself how it might be crashing down on an airplane? And how it would be making love to a stewardess at the same time? Not? Well, then you should go and buy EDGUY's new single "Lavatory Love Machine" to find out more about it! In this "happy" song, taken from the current full length album "Hellfire Club", Tobias Sammet and his crazy bunch sing about this 'splendiferous' happening, packed in a bouquet of fluffily, catchy melodies and loads of fun. If you listen to this song, we guarantee you'll be in good spirits!

EDGUY's longplayer "Hellfire Club" worked out very well in the European charts so far - the album reached high positions in Sweden (# 6), Finland (# 22), Germany (# 26), Hungary (# 35), Austria (# 69) and Switzerland (# 81). Thereby EDGUY also got invited to several TV shows, e.g. the German Mc Donald's Chart Show on PRO 7 where they showed a brilliant performance!

EDGUY commenced as a schoolmate's band in 1992, playing traditional metal. Mainly intended to be a reaction against Grunge music, which was incredibly popular at the time, the fourteen year old friends made their first musical steps covering songs from their favourite bands DEEP PURPLE, KISS, AC/DC and IRON MAIDEN, but soon switched over to do their own thing.
After almost five years, filled with attempts to attract attention of a record company, AFM Records finally gave EDGUY the chance to prove themselves. Between 1997 and 2003, EDGUY released five studio albums, each one an improvement from the predecessor, and parallel to that melioration the band gained more and more fans. Especially the fresh and saucy spirit of EDGUY and their simpatico singer Tobias Sammet - live permanently fooling around - extended the band's popularity very quickly. And within only a few years, EDGUY got known as one of the most entertaining acts on stage.
"Mandrake" in 2001 became the band's "big hit": Brimmed with charming melodies, powerful riffs and great refrains to sing along, the record entered the top 20 in several European charts and led to EDGUY's first big headliner tour which took them to 23 countries on four continents (Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and the USA). The tour lasted more than a year and bestowed EDGUY absolute success all over the world.
In October 2003 the Germans changed the record label, got signed to Nuclear Blast and produced "King Of Fools". Released in February 2004, the EP featured, beside the groovy title track, four high-class non-album-tracks only to be found on this CD. Talk about value for money!

The single features 'Lavatory Love Machine' in two formats: Normal and acoustic version. In addition you can find the EUROPE cover 'I'll Cry For You' on the CD as well as the new, moving ballad 'Reach Out'. And last but not least, the funny video clip of 'Lavatory Love Machine' tops the whole single condignly.
So what are you waiting for? Fly with EDGUY and their "Lavatory Love Machine"!


Lavatory Love Machine
Lavatory Love Machine (Acoustic Version)
I'll Cry For You (EUROPE Cover - Acoustic Version)
Reach Out
Lavatory Love Machine (Clip)

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