Iced Earth - New Single In June

With the framework for the Armageddon Of Man firmly laid with the band's 2007 full-length release, "Framing Armageddon - Something Wicked Part I", Iced Earth are set to launch the next installment of Jon Schaffer's "Something Wicked" saga with the release of their new single, "I Walk Among You", in June of 2008. The full-length studio follow-up to "Something Wicked Part I" is due for release in Fall of 2008.

The new single and proceeding full-length studio album mark the return of longtime frontman, Matt Barlow to the band who's dark and sinister tones are the perfect fit to narrate the intense and viscous annihilation of mankind set in motion with the birth of the story's main character, "Set Abominae", in "Something Wicked Part II." The single will allow fans to get a glimpse of the bright future for the band, and the perhaps not-so-bright future for humanity as we now know it.

The single will feature 3 songs, an exclusive version of the song "I Walk Alone" and a few tracks from "Framing Armageddon (Something Wicked Part 1)" with new vocal performances by Matt Barlow. Due to the re-tracking of the lead vocals these tracks have been remixed and remastered. There will be an iTunes exclusive version of the single "I Walk Among You" that features "A Charge To Keep" which has also been re-sung by Matt, remixed and re-mastered.

The video for "I Walk Alone" is being filmed in early April.

All tracks were recorded at Jon Schaffer's studio, Soaring Eagle Sound, and mixed and mastered at Morrisound. The single, and following full-length platter will be released by Steamhammer/SPV.

"I Walk Among You" [cover] Tracklisting:

01. I Walk Alone
02. Setian Massacre
03. The Clouding
04. A Charge To Keep (exclusive iTunes track)

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Posted: 15.03.2008 by CyGuy6587


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15.03.2008 - 13:24
Can't wait it's going to be so fucking great!
15.03.2008 - 13:34
Eternal Flames
The cover art for that single looks brilliant.

Can't wait to hear samples from the new album/single. After hearing the samples of Pyramaze with Matt Barlow it's obvious that his vocals are still great after all these years so it'll be great to hear what the new Iced Earth album will bring.
15.03.2008 - 15:51
Last year, a single with tracks from "Something Wicked This Way Comes" re-sung by Tim Owens. This year, a single with tracks from "Framing Armageddon" re-sung by Matt Barlow. Irony.
oh my fucking god, fucking dinosaurs
15.03.2008 - 18:29
i just can't wait to hear The Clouding re-sung by Barlow :pray:
15.03.2008 - 19:38
first Pyramaze featuring Barlow, now Iced Earth with Barlow back on vocals...Barlow is spoiling the shit out of us lol Welcome back!!!
16.03.2008 - 00:20
Baz Anderson
this will be interesting hearing Matt sing Tim songs! also I can't help but feel it is a little disrespectful for Tim - he was dropped as soon as Matt would come back, and now Jon seemingly can't wait to re-record all the Tim material with Matt..

still, it will definitely be interesting
16.03.2008 - 01:40
I totally agree with you, Baz, about the way Owens was dropped. It was a bitch move on Schaffer's part, but my infinite love and adoration for Matt Barlow greatly overcasts my empathy for Owens.

And, Eternal Flames, you're totally correct about the cover art. So cool!
16.03.2008 - 16:23
Written by AnarChrist on 15.03.2008 at 15:51

Last year, a single with tracks from "Something Wicked This Way Comes" re-sung by Tim Owens. This year, a single with tracks from "Framing Armageddon" re-sung by Matt Barlow. Irony.

so true, looking forward to it though...not a big fan of ripper, matt barlow is probably the most emotionally expressive vocalist i've ever heard, as opposed to owens who couldn't make a child cry at a funeral...maybe i'm being too harsh
18.03.2008 - 12:58
Account deleted
I like Ripper and Mat equally but I cannot accept the way that Jon fired Owens!I walk alone is the last song of Tarja?
19.03.2008 - 15:56
man do i like iced earth
Take a look to the sky just before you die, its the last time you will.
01.04.2008 - 04:23
Barlow should redo the entire album.

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