Anata - Part Ways With Guitarist, New Samples Online

Swedish metallers Anata have issued the following update:

"Guitarist Andreas Allenmark, member since -97, has decided to leave Anata. According to the band, his primary reason seems to be that he has lost his passion for playing such technical music. At his last meeting with the band, he is said to have uttered things like "I just can't do this do myself anymore. I know the timing is very bad indeed, but it's like I don't have a choice. I just can't, sorry guys".

In his own words:
"Due to personal circumstances I have decided to leave Anata. This truly wasn't an easy decision to make and I really hope all the best for the other guys in the future. I would like to thank all the fans for coming to the gigs and for showing great appreciation through all the years that I have been in the band, it has really meant a lot to me!!!
Best regards,

At this very moment Anata is recoding their fifth (yet untitled) full-length album. As Allenmark leaves prior to having even started to record his bits, all guitar duties will be handled by the band's founder/guitarist/vocalist Fredrik Schälin.

Fredrik Schälin comments:
"We fully respect Andreas's decision to leave the band and we part as friends. If your heart's not in it, there's no way you can be part of a band as demanding as Anata. Of course the timing is quite bad, but still… we know that he would have recorded his parts on the new album if only he felt that he could. As you may know we have already started to record, and what we have achieved so far sounds extremely good! Conny, Henrik and I are in great shape, and even at an early stage as this, the album seems likely to become the most powerful and aggressive in the band's 15 years of history!
So when not recording I'm learning Andreas' bits, and I will also re-write the few leads he was supposed to play. As usual I play most of the leads so we're just talking about re-writing four or so. And since I write almost all of the music I have no problem recording all of the guitars. Doing this will of course be hard work, but we will have an exceptional result.
We thank Andreas for 11 years of friendship and commitment to the band, and wish him all the best in the future."

As soon as the new album is recorded, the band will start auditioning for a suitable replacer."

In other news, Anata proudly present two excerpts from the upcoming album [Link], both of these from the track entitled "Greed Conquers All". The album will be released on Earache later this year.and we hope that you will find these clips appetizing…

The band adds: "We hope that you will find these clips appetizing… Please note that this is a 'rough-mix' or whatever - basically every sound will be different! Also, these are instrumental versions and vocals are still to be recorded."

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Posted: 30.07.2008 by White Winter Sun

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