Ayreon - "Timeline" Compilation To Be Released In November

The latest news from the Electric Castle is that Arjen has just put the finishing touches on the forthcoming Ayreon 3CD + DVD compilation album, TIMELINE.

"I've been asked many times before to release an Ayreon compilation album, but it just didn’t feel right to present fragmented bits of story by lifting individual songs out of their greater contexts. However, my attitude changed after I completed my 2008 album 01011001, in which I connected all the previous Ayreon releases, musically as well as lyrically. Having completed the circle, so to speak, it seemed like a fitting time to put all things Ayreon into perspective and create an Ayreon timeline outlining the entire story."

TIMELINE follows the thirteen-year evolution of the Ayreon sound from the 1995 debut The Final Experiment to the release of 01011001 in 2008. In addition to selecting tracks from the existing Ayreon discography, Arjen has also written and recorded a new Ayreon song exclusively for TIMELINE. Titled Epilogue: The Memory Remains, this previously unreleased 9-plus-minute track introduces Ayreon fans to the clear, powerful voice of Jasper Steverlinck (Arid). Lyrically, The Memory Remains provides further insight into the final chapter of the Ayreon saga and what the future might hold for its characters.

In addition to The Memory Remains, TIMELINE's 3 audio CDs comprise 32 essential Ayreon tracks (almost 4 hours of music), all carefully remastered specifically for this release. The accompanying DVD features nearly two hours of released and unreleased video clips, behind-the-scenes featurettes, 5.1 mixes, and live performances of Ayreon tracks (Star one and Stream of Passion versions). To illuminate the Ayreon story further, a timeline poster illustrating the Ayreon universe and 56-page booklet containing many new photos, all lyrics, and notes on the story are included in the TIMELINE package. The cover is a specially commissioned painting by traditional Ayreon cover artist, Jef Bertels (see the full painting here).

TIMELINE will be available from InsideOut Music on 7 November (G.A.S), 10 November (Europe), and early 2009 (N. America).

When asked what the release of TIMELINE means for the future of Ayreon, Arjen explains, "I don't see this as the end of Ayreon, but rather as a new beginning. I'll definitely be recording some side projects before I even start thinking about re-inventing Ayreon. To keep things fresh for myself I've got to come up with a completely new concept for both the music and the lyrics. I hope I can do it...it will be definitely be quite a challenge!"

For more info and updates, check the TIMELINE page regularly.

Source: ayreon.com
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Posted: 16.09.2008 by Ivor


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16.09.2008 - 19:13
With a lowercase c
Everytime I read about Ayreon I think "damn, you wanted to get into that some time" and everytime I have yet to even buy my first of their Albums.

16.09.2008 - 19:20
Baz Anderson
Don't fancy an Ayreon compilation, but that cover art is so cool!
16.09.2008 - 19:30
Totemic Lust
Pointless, I listen to Ayreon for the stories that are told through the concept of each album not the music...
16.09.2008 - 19:31
Valentin B
that album cover rules.
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16.09.2008 - 19:39
wow, 32 Ayreon songs?? Holy shit. Sounds like a pretty damn good release to me. I'm sure Arjen won't butcher the story at all, actually i'm sure it'll be a really good place for a new listener to hear the Ayreon story without buying every CD.
16.09.2008 - 19:58
Azure Haze

Though I too prefer to listen for the stories.
16.09.2008 - 20:30
Rosetta Stoned
Yes, quite pointless, but good for new Ayreon fans maybe, or people who care more about his music the cover art is not very original, which was also a problem with 01011001 IMO. But they're still really fucking cool!
16.09.2008 - 21:00
Retired Staff
omg omg omg
i will sooooo buy this, even though i always think compilations are totally unneccessary.. but hey, it's Ayreon!
BAS - Beautifully Accented Sexiness
16.09.2008 - 21:13
The cover art is very impressive. I also prefer to listen the CDs but for the new fans is really a good taste of Arjen's music.
16.09.2008 - 21:36
Account deleted
Arjen is a modern Mozart.
17.09.2008 - 00:36
Black Conundrum
17.09.2008 - 00:40
Since I dont have all Ayreon's Albums, I can get it and Listen to the Evolution of their Sound
Though Last Release Kicked ass, I liked It Very much
and by the way, The cover is so Beautiful...
17.09.2008 - 02:33
LeChron James
Written by Baz Anderson on 16.09.2008 at 19:20

Don't fancy an Ayreon compilation, but that cover art is so cool!

they dont disappoint with their album covers, thats for damn sure.
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17.09.2008 - 07:38
Dark Blood
The Avenger
Written by Guest on 16.09.2008 at 21:36

Arjen is a modern Mozart.

good way to describe him!
I'm curious about this compilation. Sounds interesting.
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19.09.2008 - 18:40
Amazing cover indeed. I might buy this to get an idea of the previous releases are worth the money

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