Phideaux - Recording Of New Album Finished

As Phideaux report on their MySpace page:

"The recording is finished!

Dang it! I listened through the whole blasted album today with maestro producer Gabriel Moffat. Number Seven is now finished. All 60something minutes... And all we have to do is mix it! Of course, that is the hardest part, trying to ensure that all the ingredients add up to souffle and not leftover stew!

And so, regard our crafty new advert to get a hint of Number Seven - the story of life's never ending battle between the land and sea. We came from the oceans onto land -- have we been trying to go back ever since? Are we in danger of being overtaken by a legion of crafty crayfish? Is there, in fact, more earth than sea?

All this and more will be answered in our thrilling new dose of Phideaux music. Carefully constructed with the help of computer simulations and scientific research, this album has been formulated to resemble as closely as possible all your favourites. We have utilized the finest style consultants to ensure that our NEW SOUND will blend in thoroughly with the rest of the top acts in our field.

And soon, you the listener, can bask in the fruits of our labour.

We can now reveal the song titles, and the approximate running times:

1. Dormouse - a theme (1:05)
2. Waiting For The Axe To Fall (19:20)
3. Darkness At Noon (4:00)
4. Gift Of The Flame (6:00)
5. Thermonuclear Cheese (2:30)
6. The Search For Terrestrial Life (8:30)
7. Love Theme from "Number Seven" (14:20)
8. Infinite Supply (5:05)
9. Dormouse - an end (2:00)

As promised, no animals (surf or turf) were harmed in this production. We also maintained a strict adherence to using only the musicians in the ten member band Phideaux. You will find NO PESKY ORCHESTRA here.

And the best news of all is that this album contains NO 20 MINUTE EPICS. The only thing we ask is that you consider whether you would vote for the Shrew or the Crayfish. It is a battle to the death, and you will want to be on the winning side.

Let us all hope and prey that this album can be mixed and mastered before the end of 2008. We don't want to break our run of an album every year!"

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Posted: 03.11.2008 by Ivor


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03.11.2008 - 23:31
LeChron James
No orchestra? no epics? LAME.
Kick Ass, Die Young

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04.11.2008 - 05:31
Black Conundrum
Now when was no 20-minute epics a good thing?

Also, I need to listen to more Phideaux music.

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