Deeptrip - TV Interview And First Show In England

The unique Swiss band Deeptrip that plays a type of grunge rock with classical instruments will be interviewed by the independent TV station "Balcony News". This interview should be online on the 15th December on

On the evening of the same day they will be giving their first concert in England, headlining a show in The Dublin Castle, London ( The complete line-up is as follows:

Deeptrip - Prog grunge with strings! Violin, contrabass and cello-plus a guitarist/singer and pounding drummer. It's sort of Soundgarden meets Yes…
Wreck Of The Minotaur - Fabulously ridiculous grindcore/thrash metal which is so over the top it's ace. The singer sounds like a Satanistic fairground barker, and all in all they make Napalm Death sound like Steps!
Rise Of Raphia - Mad for it full-on screamo with some frenetic prog guitars and a demonic vocalist, loads of breakdowns, signature changes and its tendency to go off at many different tangents may make ROR a more challenging listen than say Jack Bleedin' Johnston, but the playing is always incisive and intense, a bit like Mastodon in that sense.
Armstrong - Melodic rock pop metal with chiming guitar bits that get reet under yer skin. Impressively their self financed single hit 23 in the indie charts and there is a bit of an a and r clamour around these brisk and biting rockers.

As for the Swiss fans of the band; they shouldn't miss Deeptrip's concert in the Alte Kaserne, Zürich, for which the band have announced a "special surprise". In March 2009 Deeptrip will have their first appearance in Canada.

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Posted: 06.12.2008 by Bas


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06.12.2008 - 18:32
First news for me about this band since their last stuff a year ago.
06.12.2008 - 22:05
Black Conundrum
What's with the slow rate of news coming in recently?

But this is nice news. I have not heard of any of those four bands.
06.12.2008 - 23:15
Anybody know if these guys are worth seeing? i have nothing to do on the 15th
07.12.2008 - 02:23
Retired Staff
Written by Stuart on 06.12.2008 at 23:15

Anybody know if these guys are worth seeing? i have nothing to do on the 15th

I've seen them live for the fifth time a week ago and they're definitely worth it IMO!!

however i dont know if you'll like them considering your mainly extreme-metal oriented favourite band list. thing is they're a type of grunge rock with some really beautiful songs and some that really rock and the musicians are extremely talented too, but you just have to keep in mind that they're not a metal band
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