Pain Of Salvation - Bassist Quits

Bassist Simon Andersson has left the Swedish progressive metal band Pain Of Salvation. He writes in a statement, "I've been a part of this band for almost two years and I'm honoured I was the chosen one. Getting to know these wonderful musicians is even more of an honour… but I've reached the point where I just have to stop and walk my own way. Exhaustion, yearning and frustration are the three main issues.

Exhaustion: having a 'normal day job,' being a rockstar and having a lot of other (heavy) personal stuff became too much. I wanted everything so bad I ended up being sick with no energy whatsoever.

Yearning: being on tour means waiting. Waiting and waiting… I asked myself one day: is the life back home, the people I love, worth risking just being somewhere in the world waiting? My answer is no.

Frustration: I wanna focus on my own music when i have the time for it. Don't wanna be a wheel in motion in someone else's machinery… I have way too much inspiration and there is no space for this in Pain Of Salvation. Lack of dedication? No. Lack of creative outbursts within the band? Yes.

I can't give Pain Of Salvation 100% at this point, and the guys deserve better… the best thing to do is to go separate ways. We made this decision together and we part as friends. I wish them the best of luck!"

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Posted: 11.12.2008 by ArtiA


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11.12.2008 - 15:34
Guess PoS was too much for him.
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11.12.2008 - 16:55
Ancestral Moon
Again! Gosh what's happening to PoS??
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11.12.2008 - 16:59
To Arms!
Return kristoffer...
Stay Metal !!!
11.12.2008 - 19:39
Fat & Sassy!
I suppose this will delay the release of new material...
You do you, brozzio.
11.12.2008 - 22:32
Oh damn.. not again.
12.12.2008 - 00:52
Black Conundrum
That sucks about the bassist leaving. I hope Pain of Salvation finds a suitable replacement. I love Pain of Salvation's music.
12.12.2008 - 09:36
The Summoner
PoS, rockstars? they barely even tour that much

Bring back the earlier guy I like his playing
12.12.2008 - 18:43
Freaky Admin
I don't think that we will have a delay. I supose that Daniel will just handle the bass one more time during the recording.
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12.12.2008 - 19:01
Dane Train
Beers & Kilts
Written by Jeff on 12.12.2008 at 18:43

I don't think that we will have a delay. I supose that Daniel will just handle the bass one more time during the recording.

But isn't Mr. Gildenlow the same thing as Pain of Salvation?
(space for rent)
14.12.2008 - 00:31
Written by Talvi on 11.12.2008 at 15:34

Guess PoS was too much for him.

I don't think so, he just being honest, wanting to create his own music instead of doing/playing what someone else says/writes, POS if probably 1 of my fav and Daniel G. is the boss/head of the band so you have to do what he says according to his letter, that's not how it works, there should be "chemestry" among the band members, that's why you call it BAND, why do you think Christopher Gildenlow left POS? the same reason why this other person is leaving it, I wish them the best though.

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