Revolution Renaissance - Worldwide Record Deal, New Album

Revolution Renaissance, the new band of the Stratovarius mastermind Timo Tolkki has signed a worldwide deal for one album with Scarlet Records.

The last weeks have kept Tolkki and his band members busy putting finishing touches to the band's first real debut album entitled "Age Of Aquarius". Recorded over 3 months in Finland, it is by far the darkest, heaviest and most symphonic album that Tolkki has ever been involved in.

Finding a close connection with his new band members Gus Monsanto and Bruno Agra, the trio locked itself in a cabin in Finland for a month and composed 10 new songs. It is the first time during Tolkki's career that he shared the whole songwriting process with other band members. "I just felt this incredibly fresh vibe with these guys and the songs were just flowing. It was so natural process that it almost felt like the songs were already composed and we just let them be born. It was possible because in Gus and Bruno I finally have found the kindred spirits I have been looking for so long. The results were something that none of us were expecting and yet at the same time, we felt that this record is exactly the way it is supposed to be", comments Tolkki.

The release date of "Age Of Aquarius" is 25 March 2009 in South East Asia (JVC) and on 9 March 2009 in the rest of the world. The band also filmed a promotional video in Helsinki for the title track of the album. The tracklisting is:

01. The Age Of Aquarius
02. So She Wears Black
03. Ixion's Wheel
04. Kyrie Eleison
05. Revolution Has Begun
06. Sins Of My Beloved
07. Behind The Mask
08. Ghost Of Fallen Grace
09. Children Of The Future
10. The Heart Of All

The tours are currently been booked to promote "The Age Of Aquarius" worldwide and are planned to start from South America in early April.

Scarlet Records will also release Timo Tolkki's 3rd solo album, the ethereal classical Rock Opera Saana-Warrior Of Light Part 1 Worldwide on 23 January 2009.

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Posted: 19.12.2008 by A Troubled Soul


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19.12.2008 - 18:24
Looking forward to this new one. yay!!
19.12.2008 - 19:09
Tolkki's on his feet better than ever ^^
19.12.2008 - 19:13
For some reason this news scares me...
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19.12.2008 - 22:01
Black Conundrum
This is some very good news.
19.12.2008 - 23:29
LeChron James
Pshh...The saga continues...
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20.12.2008 - 00:21
Hopefully it's decent. I'm kinda worried also heh.
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20.12.2008 - 12:46
Awesome, The Last one was very good, and the tracklisting looks promising...
20.12.2008 - 18:33
Great news! I liked a lot "A new Era" and this new album seems to be better than that.
20.12.2008 - 22:56
I was a bit disapointed with 'New Era', this may be allright but wasn't Age of Aquarius a song from the eighties?
I got really annoyed with all the quarreling between Tolkki and Strato. Possibly so much that i don't care about either anymore - lets see what the music sounds like...
21.12.2008 - 10:33
The Summoner
I'll be interested to here this. Hopefully it is a more thorough record than New Era
21.12.2008 - 17:35
The Shape 1973
"The most symphonic" sounds very interesting. Hope it doesn't lose the melodic metal sound tho.
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