• Our first set of Sony headphones goes to Iran with special thanks for all the contributions to Metal Storm. Congratulations and big thanks to you ArtiA.

  • Second set of Sony headphones goes to Norway to hodeskalle.

  • Third set of Sony headphones goes to Serbia to Dekus.

    We'll contact the winners through PM.

    Thanks to all of you who participated. Those not winning, don't despair! Better luck next time. Keep up the contributions, we sincerely appreciate that.

    Metal Storm Staff
    Posted: 13.01.2009 by Ivan


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    Harlequin - 13.01.2009 at 00:18  
    Congrats to the winners!
    Slyfang - 13.01.2009 at 00:19  
    May they be loud as hell
    BitterCOld - 13.01.2009 at 00:20  
    Giok99 - 13.01.2009 at 00:24  
    Gratz !
    xEUx - 13.01.2009 at 00:30  
    Next time, I'll be the winner. This time I just let u people taste it xD

    Gratz Winners =D
    White Winter Sun - 13.01.2009 at 00:41  
    Congratulations to each of the three winners.
    Arcesse Eum - 13.01.2009 at 01:12  
    Damnit! I was counting on getting those! Now those mobsters are going to break my legs.
    tulkas - 13.01.2009 at 01:18  
    Damn, i wanted those

    congratz to the winners, anyway. enjoyyy
    Memento Mori - 13.01.2009 at 01:23  
    COOOOOOOOOL, Congratulations Artia
    Galar - 13.01.2009 at 01:50  
    May you wreck your hearing forever.
    -DC-002- - 13.01.2009 at 02:08  
    Doc Godin - 13.01.2009 at 02:35  
    I hope they make you deaf.
    iaberis - 13.01.2009 at 03:32  
    Hail ArtiA!
    Jack the Riffer - 13.01.2009 at 04:45  
    Written by Slyfang on 13.01.2009 at 00:19

    May they be loud as hell

    they said to play it louder than hell
    we promised that we would!!!
    Black Conundrum - 13.01.2009 at 04:52  
    Comgratulations to the winners. I hope you enjoy those earphones.
    selken - 13.01.2009 at 07:14  
    Hehe Congratz xD

    Now, you must blow your ears away!!!
    LeChron James - 13.01.2009 at 09:08  
    BloodTears - 13.01.2009 at 11:01  
    Crap, I wanted to get that one...

    I seriously thought it would be me winning it lol
    Talvi - 13.01.2009 at 11:09  
    Aw... So I will really need to buy ones
    Powerslavex - 13.01.2009 at 14:38  
    Damm no free headphones for me
    Elio - 13.01.2009 at 14:47  
    Damn you dudes! Ah, we envious bastards!
    Macedonia - 13.01.2009 at 15:26  
    SlaytallicA - 13.01.2009 at 19:12  
    Next time I'll win!
    The Shape 1973 - 13.01.2009 at 23:08  
    So what is the next giveaway then? I so wanted those 'phones.
    Kimiwind - 15.01.2009 at 17:21  
    They are damn lucky , i needed those headphones , i wanna congrats the norvegain girl =) congratultions ; more luck for loooosers hahaha
    Arian Totalis - 16.01.2009 at 00:48  
    Lol, I didn't even know about this contest. Gonna have to keep an eye out for it next time

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