Hellfest 2009 - New Bands Confirmed

Hello everyone!

As promised, here is the list to be added to the one of December 2008! Nobody will be surprised to see names to satisfy all those who are fans of Hellfest and it will be Christmas all over again!

Who can already boast having seen the fathers of American Doom, PENTAGRAM the American Black Sabbath founded by Bobby Liebling who, unfortunately, didn't have as much fame but, nevertheless remains THE reference for all fans of these slow and wicked musics! The first and only date in Europe will be at Hellfest! the real godfather of US Doom!

Not to forget without whom such artists as Neurosis, Napalm Death, Sepultura and many others, would never have found their different sounds! The inventor of Crust, AMEBIX is back in europe for one date only, connaisseurs will be happy and all others will listen attentively as extreme music wouldn't be the same without them!

The New Orleans scene figures in this year's addition as it was the where Sludge first appeared in the 80's so, we are proud to announce thet EYEHATEGOD, SOILENT GREEN, and KINGDOW OF SORROW will be there to swell the ranks on which promises to be a very special day! NOLA should also be there. Watch this space.......

The French connection will be present too! GOJIRA, DAGOBA who are getting stonger and stronger, ADAGIO and BLOCKHEADS will be there for your delight!

Fans of Extreme Metal will be delighted to see NACHTMYSTIUM a popular American Black Metal band, TAAKE the Scandinavian group and finally, DEICIDE, PESTILENCE, KATAKLYSM, MOONSORROW, KEEP OF KALSSIN and ABORTED will be present. But the biggest part is yet to come, the main course is served but the dessert will amaze the most brutal amongst you! Patience..

Last but not least, more hardcore than last year, the return of VISION OF DISORDER for one date only in europe, our national mad men KICKBACK, BLOODCLOT with former members of Cro-mags, Biohazard and Merauder, BETRAYED, SLAPSHOT, BLACK DALHIA MURDER, DESPISED ICON, AUGUST BURN RED and TERROR so many names.

And finally, and (we hope) that they won't cancel COALESCE are expected. Also VOLBEAT for all head-banging fans of Motorhead and WASP, UFOMAMMUT for all cavemen and GIRLSCHOOL with the ravishing JARBOE showing us that women have their place in this great festival!

Well, happy? Not yet?

There are still 40 bands to confirm with tops of the bill. We promised you that 2009 would be enormous!

The Hellfest Team

The official Flyer can be viewed here

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Event: Hellfest Open Air 2009
Posted: 17.01.2009 by Jeff

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