Finntroll - Update From The Band

Finntroll have issued the following update on their website:

"You may have noticed that there aren't any shows booked for us so far, but this doesn't mean that we won't play at all this year. We just decided after the Heidenfest-tour that we will have half a year off from playing and be concentrating on writing a new and the best Finntroll-album so far, also working on the DVD is a priority.

We have now got the chance to start from a clean slate and so we will do. All gigs will be handled by ourselves for the time being, which means that if you have a festival/show/tour that you want us to play on, please be kind send your request. Every offer will be considered!

We're also announcing our first festival for this year: 6.6.2009 (FIN) Sauna Open Air, Tampere."

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Posted: 21.02.2009 by Bad English


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21.02.2009 - 16:50
Hmmmmm.....first festival in the summer.
I ain't fond of the new vocalist.
21.02.2009 - 18:02
He is vocalist for three years with Finntroll right now he's done a great job so far
21.02.2009 - 20:58
Not better at all than Tapio under my point of view
21.02.2009 - 21:59
Black Conundrum
I will anticipate this album of theirs that they are working on. I enjoy Finntroll.
22.02.2009 - 00:53
Melodeath Master
I used to really enjoy Finntroll some years back. But after almost all my friends opened their eyes for them everyone started to talk about them all the time, I just got tired of all the talk about Finntroll and eventually got tired of Finntroll as well. I can't enjoy their music anymore, the feeling is ruined =/ Otherwise I would've looked forward to this new album and DVD. I didn't even see them at Metaltown last year.
22.02.2009 - 02:53
Although Tapio is surely missed, I think Vreth is doing a good job. I'm curious as to what the, "best Finntroll-album" will sound like.
22.02.2009 - 14:44
I don't care how many people like Finntroll, I will still consider them as one of my favourite bands and I'm looking forward to the new album!
Which I hope would be more folkytrolly.
I am NOT a musician, so I do not judge bands by skill. I judge them on how I like the sound.
22.02.2009 - 19:17
I second headbang vol.99 here. To me it doesn't matter if none or a gazillion people like Finntroll, I still do. I look forward to the upcoming album and I'm pretty curious to what "the best Finntroll-album" will have to offer

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23.02.2009 - 12:20
The Prophet
The best finntroll album' we will see'
23.02.2009 - 21:26
A cliche! Any band says that their upcoming album will be their best...
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24.02.2009 - 03:37
Finntroll seem to have proven that they can do no wrong, no matter how many line-up changes they have. Whether or not this will be their best album ever, I'm expecting yet another fun album.
24.02.2009 - 07:20
Written by kaylamacgavin on 22.02.2009 at 02:53

I'm curious as to what the, "best Finntroll-album" will sound like.

Written by SlaytallicA on 23.02.2009 at 21:26

A cliche! Any band says that their upcoming album will be their best...

Yea and yea, I have hear that before normally it's more enthusiastic, tho im as well curious but I don't really expect to be hearing something that great nor diferent from them, probably more of their trollish sound... but we'll see
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24.02.2009 - 23:01
I hope to see Finntroll at my future Folk fest in Rome. I hope I could organise it .

I wanna the best album ever!!
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12.03.2009 - 21:55
The best finntroll album.. i cant wait anymore.

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