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Savage Circus have issued the following update:

"It's been a long time... and if you say too long, you are damned right! Well, there is not really one overall reason for this absence; it's more or less a combination of smaller and bigger things in the life of the individual band members. But there's been one thing for sure, that struck all of us at the same time: the separation from Thomen. This hit us right in the middle of the first songwriting process for the follow up album and - as you may imagine - was not really a boost to our creativity. This had to be "digested" for a while…

While "digesting" in Umea, Sweden a lot of things did happen. Jens and Emilio got involved in the annual House Of Metal Festival (where SC played in 2007). This is quite a lot of stuff to take care for and indeed is time consuming. Yet another quite time consuming activity can be reported from Jens: he built a house! And nevertheless Emilio has encountered the maybe by far most time consuming thing in the world: the man got married! Congratulations and welcome to the club!

But also in Hamburg time moved on. In early 2006 my 3rd (!) daughter was given birth and she's just sweet as honey. By now she is 3 years old and started kindergarten in October 2008. This finally gave me back the time I needed so bad to finish up my songwriting for SC! In the year before it has been my job to take care of the little one during the day… I thought, songwriting is best at night, so no problem. Unfortunately I forgot, how much energy such a little thing draws from you. Those of you with kids of their own know, what I am talking about. So this whole thing turned into a more or less unplanned Sabbath year for little Piet. The only thing I managed to do was to play 2 US shows with my other band Iron Savior (check for more details on this) and to come up with a handful of riffs and melodies for the SC songwriting.

At this point the whole band would like to thank all of you for your patience big time. And your patience shall be rewarded! We are in the final process of the songwriting and a good 90% of the songs are finished and ready to get recorded. But it will get even better: while I am writing this, Jens and Emilio have already started to record vocals on the first song. Once they are finished, we will load the thing up as we did with "Evil Eyes" as a proof of life. By the end of the month you can check out for yourself, if the new stuff can match up with Dreamland Manor. Official production start is scheduled for April, where Mike will lay down the drum tracks. After that it will be Yenz turn to record the bass guitar. Guitars, vocals, keyboards and backing vocals will follow. We are in good hope to start with the final mix down in early summer. The release is scheduled for late summer/early autumn. The whole band is highly motivated to keep this schedule, because we strongly believe in this album. The songwriting turned out to be really strong and powerful. See (or better listen) for yourself and check out the SC page for the exact date of the teaser song release."

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Posted: 11.03.2009 by Zmaj Ognjeni Vuk


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11.03.2009 - 13:18
Lol this took so long I don't care anymore with (power) metal. Will probably check it out though to remember the ol' good times.
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11.03.2009 - 13:18
Baz Anderson
Congratulations to Piet! Hopefully this'll be a good album, but I would actually prefer a new Iron Savior album.
11.03.2009 - 16:15
Sounds exciting. I definitely enjoyed the debut far more than Blind Guardian's Twist in the Myth. Good to see their still actually trying to produce after Thomen left.
11.03.2009 - 19:10
Written by bard on 11.03.2009 at 16:15

Sounds exciting. I definitely enjoyed the debut far more than Blind Guardian's Twist in the Myth. Good to see their still actually trying to produce after Thomen left.

Yeah man, to be honest I enjoyed this more than ANYTHING BG have ever done. Just maybe their first album comes close, but not so much.

FUCK YES! I am a HUGE fan of Dreamland Manor, it's my favourite power metal album, albeit I don't know THAT much power metal to be honest. But still, after 3 years I STILL can't get enough of it. I've actually been listening to it just about an hour ago and it's as fresh as ever.
The album has everything for me. The voice is great, but more aggressive than Hansi's, the guitars are shredding and deliver delicious melodies, but no pointless soloing and finally the drums just blow me away, their style is just what I like (I am a drummer)!!

But I am a bit worried: Will the new album live up to Dreamland Manor? It sucks that they parted ways with Stauch. Not only that I like his drumming style so much, but didn't he also write most of the stuff from the first album??
11.03.2009 - 19:17
Jason W.
Yes I enjoy the "Dreamland Manor" Cd more than anything Blind Guardian have done since their 80s albums, so it would be a pleasure to hear some more Savage Circus material. I do wonder what it will sound like though, hopefully they can keep the intensity up and match the debut Great to hear it will see a release soon.
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11.03.2009 - 20:43
The Shape 1973
They are still alive, metaaaaaaaaaalll.
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11.03.2009 - 22:18
LeChron James
Wait what i thought their singer wasnt doing anything related to SC right now...
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12.03.2009 - 04:35
Black Conundrum
Oh, Thomen STauch used to be part of this band? That's interesting. Too bad he left. He is a pretty good drummer.

Also, I totally enjoyed reading this news post.

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