Varg Vikernes - Soon To Be Released

In a recent interview with the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet Varg Vikernes confirmed that he's soon to be released from prison. Here's what he said (roughly translated from Norwegian):

"I can confirm that I'm soon to be released" he told the paper.

The 36 year old will move to a small farm in Telemark, where his wife and 1,5 year old son has been living for the last couple of years.

"I barely haven't seen my son since he was born. Even though I hear his voice almost every day on the telephone it's really hard not to be present when he's growing up. I miss my family and I look forward to the day where I can work on the farm, make music, write books and be with my wife and child 24 hours a day - and live a normal family life."

To the question about him being ready for society, he responded:
"I'm ready for society - and I have been for many years. I've learned from my mistakes and I've become older. Now I just want to be with together with my family. My mind has never been imprisoned."

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Posted: 11.03.2009 by GT

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25.05.2009 - 10:23
I Own You Bitch
Apparently in Norway, second degree murder is 'relative'
Stick this up your fucking pee-aitch-dee.
25.05.2009 - 10:43
Second degree murder ist krieg.
Having a signature is an absolute must.
26.05.2009 - 00:37
If he is not going to pose a threat to anyone, he should be released. Retribution is a pathetic reason to keep someone in prison. As for the initial crime, not that it is forgivable, but it;s not as if he wasn't provoked.

I wholeheartedly support this decision, and if he thrives in life that is a good thing.
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