The Batallion - Replace Meshuggah At Inferno Festival

The Batallion will replace Meshuggah at this years Inferno festival. The Batallion will go on at 21:15h Thursday 9th april on the main stage, Rockefeller venue.

A message on the festival website reads as follows: since Meshuggah drummer Tomas Haake's back injury [Link] requires surgery and rest, they had to cancel their gig at Inferno (and all other live gigs for the next couple of months - for more details about the cancelled gigs, click here).

Six days before the festival kicks off, the last thing any festival needs is to lose a headliner - but what can you do but try to find a replacement? With this little time, we can't possibly get another headliner in place so we decided to book another band, and rearrange the Thursday lineup so Pestilence now will headline and Septicflesh play their original slot.

Our saviours this year has pleased Inferno crowds with their powerhouse live performance before, and were incredibly enough able to threaten all their members into playing.

The Batallion boasts members from bands like Old Funeral, Borknagar, Taake, Grimfist and Bombers and set out with a mission - to bring masculinity and pure energy to the stage with their take on thrashy oldschool metal. Nobody's tougher than these guys - don't take our word for it, see for yourself @ Inferno Thursday!

Norwegians who purchased a Thursday ticket to see Meshuggah only can visit their local post office to get their ticket refunded. Foreigners who want a refund will have to send an e-mail to tickets [at] infernofestival [dot] net.

Click here to view the altered line up.

Band profile: The Batallion
Event: Inferno Festival
Posted: 06.04.2009 by Doom From North

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