Negură Bunget - Two Departed Members' Statement

The two recently departed band members, Hupogrammos and Sol Faur issued the following statement today:

"This statement is signed by Sol Faur and myself (Hupogrammos). Our aim is to shed light on the recent developments in relation to Negura Bunget. We also want to prevent further abuse of the name Negura Bunget and our past activities. Our decision should be well understood and fans and media have a right to be correctly informed of the current development. We owe this to the public and Negura Bunget itself. There is no intention to turn this into a personal issue between us and our former drummer Negru. We do not wish to create a public scandal, but a line has been crossed and it is time now to stand up and fight for what we believe in.

With the last "official" Negura Bunget statement, things went too far. The selfish and greedy acts of a single person are doing too much harm. We cannot accept how our issues were presented to the world. In truth our gesture to step aside from the band was generated by the selfish behavior of our drummer Negru and by his lack of ability to connect, to work in a team as well as by his lack of honesty.

We initially intended to remain silent on the reasons of our split. We all agreed to end our joined work and
to release a simple and unspectacular statement to the press in order to prevent our personal animosity to become part of the story. It was agreed by all that none of the members would use the name "Negura Bunget" ever again in the future since the band as an entity was comprised by all three of its members. Negru's act of making a public statement that is completely different from what has been agreed upon proves once more a total lack of respect for the other members of our and his own band. It proves his honor to be questionable as his acts are serving only his personal interest.

Our own statement, which we had sent to Negru for approval and adjustment read like this:

"After fifteen years of experience in the metal scene Negura Bunget decided to end its activity. Negru will continue with his own project called Din Brad, while Hupogrammos and Sol Faur will continue the direction of the band under a different name that will be announced at a later date. The band would like to thank to everybody, who supported and believed in Negura Bunget and invites you to follow our further musical activities."

Unfortunately we did not the chance to see his final statement before it was sent. We were unable to change or to prevent it from becoming public in that form. Being in charge of all the logistic part of our work (i.e. all our contacts, our Myspace page, our official website, our newsletter and activities of Negura Music) Negru was entitled to send our statement to the media and to the public. However, he didn't consult us before posting a statement that did not care about our opinion, even though his statement makes believe this was a mutual decision.

We think that it would have been much more natural, peaceful and wise decision, if he would have simply continued his musical activities under a new name or under the name "Din Brad". In this regard we would like to express our deepest regret and disappointment that two of our guest musicians, whom we collaborated with during the last years, accepted to join his sham. Nevertheless we consider it to be very inappropriate for them to continue performing songs that were composed by those members leaving the band. It is truly sad to see that the band is now becoming a personal business for our former drummer. He never was and he will never be Negura Bunget by himself. If this is the spiritual endeavor which he is talking about, then this is a serious insult to the very name of Negura Bunget and an unforgivable contradiction to the cultural and spiritual concepts that Negura Bunget was standing for during all these years. It means an injury to us, the past members that dedicated 15 years of their lives to support and sustain an elevated path. It means an injury to anybody, who believed in what we were doing and maybe most of all it is a wounding of Spirit and Transcendence, the path that Negura Bunget was honored to dedicate its very existence to.

We, Sol Faur and Hupogrammos, who have composed nearly all music and written the lyrics of and for Negura Bunget herewith, declare that this band is dead. Any continuation of it just means a sham and a fake in our eyes."

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Posted: 22.05.2009 by Damnated


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22.05.2009 - 12:49
Dudeist Priest'
They really know who to make a guy feel bad about seeing a show....Jesus.

''Negura Bunget'' is still scheduled to play on the 26th of June. But I guess it will be more like watching a tribute band.
That rug really tied the room together, did it not?
22.05.2009 - 15:13
Such sad news. I had the luck seeing them live about 3 times in the past, but their music never stops to amaze me and it's quite the shame that the metal community has to see such a great band come to this.
Sad, but I think I agree on this statement. If Negura Bunget is continued without their spirit, there is nothing left.
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22.05.2009 - 15:33
lol i submitted this more than a week ago.
Blessed is he that murders Christ in himself and in his fellow men.

Written by TheBigRossowski on 10.02.2009 at 16:01

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22.05.2009 - 17:40
Bad English
Drama of 2009 ... good nomination of MS avards 2009
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I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
22.05.2009 - 23:41
Written by Damnated on 22.05.2009 at 15:33

lol i submitted this more than a week ago.

LOL remember when I did? Oh fuck that reminds me my power bill is due soon.
23.05.2009 - 02:27
Black Conundrum
Crap! No! They're dead! No! I just started getting into this band last year! Dang it! It sucks that the band had to split up like this, with Negru being dishonest like that. Well, RIP Negura Bunget (1994-2009).

By the way, Encyclopaedia Metallum still says that they are active, but acknowledges this rift between Sol Faur/Hupogrammos and Negru.
03.06.2009 - 11:53
...and now I definitely won't see them live. Pity.

But well, let's see what Sol Faur Spurcatu and Hupogrammos will do in the future. Maybe there's other good releases to look forward to
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03.06.2009 - 12:34
rageing atheist
Account deleted
I don't get it why bands feel the need to make these kind of statements so long and pretentious.

If I were in a band and something like this would happen I'd just say something like "The guy stabbed us in the back and never played an important part in the creative process anyway, so fuck him."

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