Din Brad - Negură Bunget Drummer To Release Debut Album

Din Brad, the folk project of Negură Bunget drummer Negru, is proud to announce "Dor" as the title of its debut album.

According to a press release, "Dor" is a unique Romanian word/concept describing a fundamental characteristic of the local spirit. "Dor" is your heart longing for something you had and then lost, longing for something you wished for yet never had, longing for a person, a place, a time... "Dor" reflects a Romanian mythical time, in the same way as "Plai" reflects a Romanian mythical space. As a first step in the exploration of local traditional soundscapes, the album "Dor" is composed out of two distinct elements. On one side there are authentic Romanian traditional songs, sung by local performers and recorded in their original environment. On the other side there are some personal visions and reinterpretations of Romanian traditional music, performed and recorded in the studio, some featuring some prestigious guests. Both are mended by the same feeling powering them - "dorul". While the first part is the result of years of investigations into what is still alive today from the Romanian musical and spiritual ancestral traditions, the second part is a personal expression influenced by Din Brad's understanding and living of the lands that gave them birth.

The album's release is tentatively scheduled for later this year on Auerbach Tonträger.

Din Brad (meaning "from the fir tree") is Negru's personal project dedicated to a direct exploration of Romanian musical, spiritual and landscape heritage. More info on http://www.myspace.com/dinbrad.

Source: prophecyproductions.de
Band profile: Negură Bunget
Posted: 02.07.2009 by Thryce


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02.07.2009 - 22:27
Black Conundrum
So, what is the future of Negură Bunget, then? I wrote it down to check out this musical endeavor of Negru's, but it seems his deeds with the Negură Bunget name were rather unneeded.

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