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Hello everyone.

This is Pasi writing the news. As in Pasi the vocalist of Agonizer. I write this news to announce that from now on I will be the ex-vocalist of Agonizer. I will be as forthcoming as possible for my reasons to leaving. After you read this please don't go bugging the band or myself asking why this happened.

A little over a year ago at Spinefeast festival I had a strong lack of motivation to be a singer and also disbelief in my own skills and wether they are good enough. I discussed it with my wife and also with the rest of the band and decided that I would give this band a real effort for a while and then see what happens.

This winter that feeling of failure came again probably as a result of my over growing problems with my throat. My voice would just not function as it used to. Regardless my problems being real or just psychological I started to loose the motivation and started to wonder about continuing. I have always enjoyed making songs and playing them to the audience, but I never enjoyed the fame side of the band as I am a bit of a recluse if you will. Also, my daughter was born in the spring and it just pushed everything else aside, including the band. Together these things influenced the need to talk with the other members about my future in the band. I told them that I would like to resign from this band and concentrate on my personal life and daughter to the fullest.

We had one gig that I enjoyed as much as ever before and will not forget it. That made me question if I was making the right desicion. However other band members thought that since the new record was almost ready to be recorded it would be better to have a new vocalist that would have the necessary motivation to continue the work on the band after the recording itself was done. So Joni called me and told me that they have decided to look for a new singer and to my own relief I realised that they were right.

So I hereby resign as the vocalist of Agonizer. They will be looking for a new replacement and it is my wish that Agonizer will find someone really good so that I myself can enjoy the metal scene from the audience side. I also hope that someday I will be able to travel again with the band or perhaps as a driver or some other more alcohol spiced job. I also wish good luck and success to the band and thank all the fans for these years that I have had. They have been amazing and memorable.

- Pasi Kärkkäinen

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Posted: 07.08.2009 by fade


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07.08.2009 - 23:39
Bitchy Moderator
Oh no, I love his voice!! But i totally understand lack of motivation and putting family first. I truly hope we will hear Pasi singing again one day.
I have more faith in my plumber than I do the eternal being. Plumbers do a good job. They keep the shit flowing.

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