Dimmu Borgir keyboardist Øyvind "Mustis" Mustaparta has issued the following statement on his MySpace page:

"Attention to all the worldwide fans of my work with Dimmu Borgir. I feel that I must begin my note to you all by saying that your dedication and interest in my musical work with Dimmu Borgir has been greatly appreciated by me for many, many years and you all have motivated me to continue to push the creative envelope farther each and every day. You might be able to see where this note is heading and if you are thinking correctly you will know that I am informing you all that I am no longer associated with the band and have left the ranks of Dimmu Borgir effective immediately.

My departure was not entirely of my own accord and while I had felt this change was something imminent for my future, my time had been spent addressing the fact that many songs written by me had not been registered properly under my name in their credits. Without naming every single track, let us just say that a good majority of albums like "Spiritual Black Dimensions", "Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia" and "In Sorte Diaboli" would have been vastly different had I not composed and created as much as I actually did. Sadly, based on terrible gaps in the communication process and a failure to find logical rationale for why this had been done this way found me hitting wall after wall as opposed to finding a professional and reasonable solution to the problem. My inquiries and investigation into the issues which I wished to resolve and move on from would in the end find me being fired from the group. No discussions about it, just "goodbye" (via text message).

I can say to you that this was not a new dispute and is something that has been going on for some years and since these are my individual creative rights and work that are being denied of me, we shall now let the resolution come from the lawyers instead of dealing with more dishonesty and lies on a one on one personal level. On this I cannot say anymore because we will be walking into sticky legal territory. I mentioned earlier that my fans have motivated me to create great music again and again and they should know that I will continue to do this and shall return to them in the not too distant future with material that I hope will keep their musical needs fed. In advance I will say that I thank you for notes and texts of support and ask that you please understand that there is not much more I can say on this, nor will be able to answer every single message that I get. I ask you to please keep tabs on my official MySpace page. I will do my best to post what I am legally allowed to share with you so you remain informed."

According to Mustis, also bassist/clean vocalist Simen "ICS Vortex" Hestnæs got fired by the band. Both Mustis and Vortex were apparently either fired or had no other choice than to leave the group after years of disagreements. However, this has not yet been confirmed by Vortex or anyone else associated with the group.

An official statement from Dimmu Borgir is expected to be released shortly.


Dimmu Borgir has announced the following: "We regret to inform you that we have parted ways with both Vortex and Mustis. However, we do want to make it perfectly clear that the creative force in the band is highly intact, perhaps even more so than ever. With that being said, we're currently working on our next album and are excited to start a new chapter in the legacy that is Dimmu Borgir."

Source: myspace.com
Band profile: Dimmu Borgir
Posted: 31.08.2009 by Thryce

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Shankao - 01.09.2009 at 11:57  
Written by Ulv on 01.09.2009 at 03:47

Vortex was the only good thing about this band...

You're right!!
HellHammer - 01.09.2009 at 16:50  
Those two guys were great, the clean vocals and the keyboards were great. Ah well Dimmu still have Galder to lean on. Everything has become interresting now.
Odium - 01.09.2009 at 18:09  
Oh shit, I love Vortex and Mustis...

Can't wait to listen their new proyects...

¿Did I heard Arcturus?

Oh my...it's too exciting
Njord - 01.09.2009 at 21:21  
Well..without Vortex my interest in this band is over. Mustis was also a great talent but was not so fascinating to me like Vortex.

Success is what all bands want to achieve but not every band knows how to live it. This is just another example of bad behaviour with sucess
Got Mayhem? - 01.09.2009 at 22:11  
So basically the only two possibly productive and interesting members of the band are gone. Now they're left with a vocalist whose voice has gone downhill for years, a lead guitarist whos about as innovative and creative as a new brand of sliced bread, and a rhythm guitarist who (even though he is an original member) doesn't seem to do much.

New album to be worse than ISD? Not as silly as it seemed to me 5 minute ago.
Øyvind - 01.09.2009 at 23:07  
ICS Vortex is no longer with the band...he was practically the only reason I kept listening to Dimmu, even after they started producing bunch of below-par albums. If I remember correctly, Garm of Ulver held Simen's vocals in very high esteem (whoever heard Garm's vocals on Bergtatt knows what it means when someone with that kind of voice praises you). Dimmu's officially gone down the drain.
treptolemus - 02.09.2009 at 00:19  
Remember when i watched the bonus DVD - the making of In Sorte Diaboli.... Everything was fine with these guys.. Working together for the album. I could NEVER imagine that this could happen. Especially in that way... Legal Issues????? If i were for more than 10 years in a band, logically I could cope with all members perfectly… I would consider them as a family, fighting for our purpose… Now what? I really hope that this was a misunderstanding (cross my fingers!)- or what… Damn, I'll have a beer…:(
Metal4ever - 02.09.2009 at 09:43  
No No No No

Pl's Dont Go You Are The Best Keyboardest In The World
Shogun - 02.09.2009 at 14:43  
Okay, the two are pretty great, but they aren't really the most important in the band. I wouldn't listen to just them if they formed a band. Homo keyboards and terrible basslines would run a muck. Not to mention the vocals would make you want to kill (not in a good way). Although, I guess all of this is about the same as In Sorte Diaboli. Heh.
Okay, so the main point of that rambling is none of them are well off without each other. <3

And Vortex is being a puss.
ANGEL REAPER - 03.09.2009 at 08:41  
IT WAS ABOUT TIME!!!!!They finally realised that they are faling apart and that making a lot of shity stuff just dont work...I hope that they will continue playing whit different lineup,and maybe to return to the roots.....
yourmomiskvlt - 27.10.2009 at 07:36  
Rats deserting a sinking ship? I think so.
In_tallica - 16.05.2010 at 01:25  
I wonder if it's really true that he wrote most of the material on those albums...well, i guess we'll never know.

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