Dark Tranquillity - New Live Video, Details For 20 Anniversary Party

The pioneers of the "Gothenburg Sound" have posted the "Final Resistance" live video from the upcoming "Where Death Is Most Alive" DVD online.

The show was recorded last year at the Rolling Stone Club in Milan, Italy. Disc 1 of the DVD contains 20 tracks Live In Milan and disc 2 offers the "Out Of Nothing" Dark Tranquillity documentary, another 21 rare live videos and all promo videos. Here's the link to the DVD trailer.

Furthermore Dark Tranquillity are proud to announce a special 20 Years party in their hometown Gothenburg. Mikael Stanne commented: "The day is drawing near. The day when we celebrate our 20th anniversary by releasing this DVD that we've been working our asses off on. The result is something that we feel is pretty spectacular and we felt like sharing it with some our friends and fans. So we figured what better way to do so than to have a special screening right here in Gothenburg. Right in the heart of the city in one of our most classic movie theaters.

So on the 30th of October at Bio Roy the "Where Death Is Most Alive" DVD will screen for the first and only time. And not only will we have the most awesome opening act ever in the form of Slaughter of the Bluegrass doing their first ever gig, all attendees will also receive a "The Dying Fragments" special CD with ultra-rare livematerial featuring never recorded songs. This will only be given out on this day and is limited to 333 copies.

So log in to http://www.bioroy.se now and book your tickets for 60 SEK. This will be a night to remember!"

After the DVD premier at the Bio Roy movie theater the party will move to the metal bar Henriksberg with Mikael Stanne and some more at the DJ desk.

More details and venue addresses on http://www.darktranquillity.com.

And here's the tracklist of "The Dying Fragments" CD limited to 333 hand numbered copies every guest of the DVD premier will receive:

01. Only Time Can Tell * (Rehearsal, Billdal 1991)
02. The Dying Fragment Of An Elderly Dream ** (Valvet, Gothenburg 1991)
03. Soulbreed ** (Ljungskile 1991)
04. Yesterworld (Musikens Hus, Gothenburg 1992)
05. Alone (Fågeln, Gothenburg 1992)
06. My Faeryland Forgotten (Fågeln, Gothenburg 1992)
07. Nightfall By The Shore Of Time (Fågeln, Gothenburg 1992)
08. Skywards (Gamlestaden, Gothenburg 1992)
09. Shadow Duet (Karlstad 1994)
10. Crimson Winds (Karlstad 1994)
11. Razorfever (Rotterdam, Holland 1997)
12. Constant (Rotterdam, Holland 1997)
13. Tongues (Rotterdam, Holland 1997)

* this song originally appeared on the "Septic Broiler" demo in 1990
** you won't find this 2 tracks anywhere else

All songs are taken from live videos you can see on the "Where Death Is Most Alive" DVD. Cover artwork by Niklas Sundin.

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Posted: 04.10.2009 by Bad English


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04.10.2009 - 13:16
Darkside Momo
Just wanna be in Sweden actually. Whoa.

"You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you" - Ray Bradbury

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I'm stealing back my soul
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04.10.2009 - 22:08
Greg L.
Wish I lived in Europe so bad
06.10.2009 - 20:34
I was there, I hope I will not appear in the DVD XD Dont wanna ruin it ahahhaahah
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