Ov Hell - New All-Star Black Metal Band Formed

Posted on the new band's myspace page today:

Out of Norway's biggest and darkest metal bands rises Ov HELL. This group of Satan's all-stars has been sharpening their teeth in some of black metal's most influential bands for many years. Known as key figures in bands such as Dimmu Borgir and Gorgoroth, Shagrath and King have come together to bring forward a new chapter in Norwegian black metal history. Ov HELL will carry on in the same tradition for which King and Shagrath are known, but the collaboration between the two will mark a new era for them both.

Frost, Ice Dale and Teloch have been recruited for the first full-length release. The album will contain all of the power and blast beats worthy of their evil pedigrees. Expect an assault on all false gods and hypocrisy that is of this world today.....

"The first Ov HELL release will contain music I've worked on in my Gorgoroth and God Seed years. It's been a little hell to actually see this music form into a band, so the name of the band is quite suitable. Through the first song I got from Shagrath I knew that he would be the perfect man to join forces with. He has strong individual qualities and a strong will to power. I am very positive that when we finish up this album it will be an album that won't sound like anything we have done before, and with a quality that won't stand back from anything presented in black metal earlier!" - King

"With both of our demanding music careers and other projects, timing was not on our side. After last years inferno festival, King and I yet again joined forces to brainstorm our need to collaborate our passion for dark art. Over the course of the past year, King sent me demo ideas that were so inspiring it made me put my skeptic feelings aside. I wasn't sure if I wanted to have another Black Metal project but my unquenchable thirst to explore my darkest beast, launched the birth Ov HELL. The majestic Ov HELL has become a band that reflects our roots, raw, ugly, arrogantly blasphemous with uncompromising truth from two influential Norwegian musicians needing to express our primitive side, straight out Ov HELL." - Shagrath

Two new tracks, "Devil's Harlot" and "Ghosting" from the yet untitled upcoming album, has been uploaded to the band's MySpace.

Studio Line-up:

Shagrath (Dimmu Borgir, Chrome Division) - vocals
King (God Seed, Gorgoroth, Jotunspor, I, Sahg, Audrey Horne) - bass
Ice Dale (Enslaved, I, Audrey Horne, Trinacria, Demonaz) - guitar
Frost (Satyricon, 1349) - drums
Teloch (Nidingr, God Seed, 1349, Umoral) - guitar

Source: myspace.com
Band profile: Ov Hell
Posted: 22.10.2009 by Baz Anderson

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26.10.2009 - 20:27
Fat & Sassy!
Written by InnerSelf on 26.10.2009 at 18:01

Haven't this discussion gone so far.....

You're telling me. Some of these arguments are fucking pathetic. >:/
You do you, brozzio.
27.10.2009 - 02:30
Written by The Night Wisher on 26.10.2009 at 16:20

Written by Jiri on 26.10.2009 at 01:20

Written by The Night Wisher on 25.10.2009 at 15:46

Okay, first of all, I have to say "sorry for insulting a whole genre in this way" but to be clear I don't like black metal and I was harsh toward it by saying the F*** word ....
I am not just shitting and have nothing to do except entering threads about black metal and fuck up around, I have listened to BM albums like "Death Cult Armageddon" by Dimmu Borgir, "Nymphetamine" and "Midian" by CoF, and I enjoyed some songs, but in general I can't stand black metal.
And by the way I am not a fan of Power Metal as much as Symphonic metal, and Nightwish is true music not commercial stuff.
Who by the hell can do an album like Oceanborn in 1998 ? ain't it creativity to create such "Genre" with that album ?
Another point : Tuomas from Nightwish has put music for some BM songs done by "Darkwoods my Betrothed" and he's a fan of black metal.
for the one who said all of my favorites bands are shit : do you think that Megadeth is a shitty band ? they have the main influence on 90's death metal bands. And Epica ? the first band to have an extended use of orchestra and choir mixed with growls ? and have you listened to Nu.Clear.Dawn to judge them baby, have you listened to the Syrian Dream Theater , I guess you have to check Nu.Clear.Dawn before judging them ? and i wanna know where is the commercial elements in Saturnus songs ? please read well before saying that my favorite bands are commercial and crap.

I don't think that commercial bands would do such things...

Night Wisher, think about what you are saying. It is not universally understood that "Oceanborn" is a fantastic album. This is your opinion. A lot of people do not like it as much as you don't like "Death Cult Armageddon". Granted, Nightwish was the first "metal" band to have an operatic front-woman. But symphonic elements were being utilized far before bands like Nightwish. Guess what genre was doing that well before Nightwish. Thats right, Nightwisher, black metal. Celtic Frost, Emperor, Arcturus, Limbonic Art, Korova, Troll, and Obtained Enslavement were all black metal bands using symphonies in their music. Hell, even Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth had symphonic elements before Nightwish. Toumas, being a black metal fan, probably took the symphony idea from Emperor! He then thought it could make money by applying the symphonic elements to power metal with a female vocalist. And Epica? First to combine choirs, orchestras and death growls? Yeah right, dude! Epica reared its ugly head in 2003 for crying out loud! What about Therion, or Haggard who have been doing that since the early ninties? Get your damned facts straight, kid!

Well, Epica or you can say After Forever created a style that combines a lot of genres with symphonic elements while Therion and Haggard used to be pure death metal bands in 1990 (I can't remember) and I have the Demo of haggard which is pure death and yeah I've seen a song by Therion which has pure death metal playing , while Epica and After Forever (with Mark) combines a lot of genres (Gothic , Power , Progressive) with symphonic elements and growls ....And you didn't answer me about Nu.Clear.Dawn and Saturnus which you considered commercial ...

Night Wisher, I must agree with you on Saturnus. I listened to their myspace songs and discovered that they are a very good death doom metal band. Personally, I can't see how someone with your tastes could like something like that. I can not find a way to hear Nu.Clear.Dawn due to the fact that they do not have a myspace. I'll take your word for it. Therefore, two of your favorite bands are not commercial. And Therion released Theli in 1996 which combined choirs, orchestras, and death growls in metal way before Epica and After Forever. Haggard's first symphonic album came out in 1997.
08.11.2009 - 16:50
I pray there wont be an all-star UBER METAL BAND formed of epica, nightwish, and withing temptation..

what could be worse than that?.. oh wait : O !!!! an uber Br000tal tr00est metal act ever. amon amarth and..amon amarth , wow i bet all would die from their tr00nes and br00tality. wow, imagine just how much beer amon amarth would have to drink in that project to get soooooo metal (H)



Evil undisguised
Breathe in pain
Blackened souls remain
23.11.2009 - 17:33
I don't want to start an argument either. FUCK BLACK METAL!

saaaaaytaaan. I'm actually looking forward to this release, even though past outputs from All-Star bands have only been mediocre. Santa! Stan! erm... Satan! Obama!!
05.12.2009 - 07:13
Anyway... I can't wait for this album! Doesn't matter to me what anyone else in this thread thinks, I'll reserve my judgment for after I actually hear the music. But I'm sure I'll like it since I like everyone involved, and all their respective bands and past bands.

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