Revolution Renaissance - Ex-Hammerfall Bassist Joins The Band

Magnus Rosén (ex-Hammerfall, ex-Jorn, X-World/5) is the new bass player of Revolution Renaissance. The band is currently writing new material for a 2010 release.

A few weeks ago, Revolution Renaissance signed a 3-album deal with Napalm Records. With their strong promotional capabilities and a separate office in the USA, the band is expecting to get much better exposure than with the Age of Aquarius album and also finally do touring.

In the meantime Revolution Renaissance also parted ways with bass player Justin Biggs and the keyboard player Michael Khalilov. According to the band: "During the recordings of Age of Aquarius it became evident to everybody that RR was not the right band for the guys. Justin is more of a thrash guy and Mike expected the music to be something totally different. Out of these reasons the decision has been made that it is better to go separate ways. Both are great guys and the remaining members Timo Tolkki, Gus Monsanto and Bruno Agra wish them well and best of luck on their musical endeavours."

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Posted: 02.11.2009 by Thryce


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02.11.2009 - 15:16
The Shape 1973
Ha Ha! I'm sure more will come out from this. Timo will probably blame someone in Stratovarius for undermining his "art". Justin and Mike will probably mention that Timo is a nut. Also I thought that he said this was the band that understood him the most, kindred spirits, after Age Of Aquarius was released, so he is changing his story already.
I'm sure that Timo will always remain in the "biggest drama award" running as he seems to love the attention (now that it is not coming from his music, burnt out comes to mind).
How long will it be before he tries to reform with Stratovarius,realising he is not as talented as he believes, saying things about the classic line up and making another album like Visions AGAIN. They should tell him to sod off.
Just because you believe in your strong morals it doesn't mean they are correct
02.11.2009 - 16:31
Metal Maiden
Wow...I thought better of him...
02.11.2009 - 17:26
Timo Tolkki forms a band... not even Stratovarius fans care...
02.11.2009 - 18:59
Written by selken on 02.11.2009 at 17:26

Timo Tolkki forms a band... not even Stratovarius fans care...

yeah maybe if the band was any good they would be worth caring about. lol
03.11.2009 - 02:23
Black Conundrum
Well now, what is this about? I don't want it to be more drama. If so, then .
03.11.2009 - 05:01
Underpaid M.D.
This bad was dead even before it was created
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