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Please, use only one thread - if you have any news or updates, just dig up your old thread and post there.
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Have you been to Metal CD Ratings lately? 1
Very Rare Black/Death/Thrash For Sale Or Trade! 9
Advent Sorrow - Australian Symphonic Black Metal 1
Metal Albums, DVDs, shirts 3
Spectral Wrath - Blackened Thrash Metal from Portugal 1
Horde of Sirens..we love your ear long time 1
FREE power metal album download (VACANT THRONE Colorado, USA) 1
Eric Pellegrini - Extreme metal - USA. New video interview 1
MUERT - Spanish Necro Metal 1
COSMIC INFUSION - Symphonic Black Metal from INDIA 2
DEHUMANIZED announces new album's title 1
Fenrismaw (Death Metal) 3
COWARDS LP (ffo Kickback, Eyehategod, Catharsis...) 2
The Stinson Guitar Company 6
GRIMNER - Swedish Viking/Folk Metal 1
Discount Ancestrale Prod 1
Apocryfal - Ravens (Death Metal / Finland) 2
Vacant Throne - power metal 1
THE DEATHTRIP + O.B.E.Y. vinyls preorder 1
Rightdoor (Melodic metal) 2
Dark Elite promo 2012 available for free download. 1
New Sepulchral Productions releases : Borgne/Brume d'Automne 3
New stuff + Clearance Sale! 1 CD 5 euro / 10 CDs 40 euro! 1
VITHR - Hedensk Skikk Og Tro out now! Norwegian BM 3
New Items @ NHR RECORDS 9
ConStoring Sounds: Summer sales 1
Netherion Death metal band from Syria 1
Horror dvds & shirts / rock cds & shirts for sale! 1
Versilium 2
Mountain Grave - The Ancient Disease EP 1