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Please, use only one thread - if you have any news or updates, just dig up your old thread and post there.
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3 Bands : 3 Continents: 1 Split Single 1
Terrestrial (members of Jungle Rot, Pizza Face) 2
Murg - "Varg & Björn" 1
COWARDS 'Rise To Infamy' 12"LP (metallic hardcore/sludge) 2
DCLXVI Psalms 6
OUT NOW -Split 7" Coffins / Butcher ABC- 1
My ridiculous metal video (for fun) 1
MONOLITH - Against The Wall Of Forever - Heavy Metal!!! 4
BLOODSCRIBE: Album Cover & Details Revealed 6
Comment and rate Nordic Metal clips 1
The Official Nick Menza Auction 1
Haiduk - Spellbook 8
Infection, death metal from Peru 2
Bones Brigade Records Label's News / Pre Order + Distro. 2
FREE DOWNLOADS - UK heavy bands Tricore, An Entire Legion, & Rind Skan 1
Svneatr - Canadian Black Metal 1
Nachtval - Nacthval [Folk metal - demo] 1
CYHYRAETH- Servant To The Fire OUT NOW! 2
APOCRYFAL - Aberration of Mind OUT NOW! Finnish Death Metal! 2
OUT NOW: Abyssmal Sorrow - DLP (2xLP) 1
A Dream of Poe - New song available now! 1
ENTRENCH - Violent Procreation OUT NOW! - Swedish Thrash Metal 1
DREAMGRAVE - Presentiment Out Now! 3
Ahamkara - The Embers of the Stars 2
Metal Divas - Help Wanted | 1 Premieres New CUFF Track "Spastic Craniotomy" 2
STORY OF JADE 2nd coming soon. enjoy new single and video clip! 1
NESSERIA "Fractures" 12"LP out November 15th on Throatruiner Records 2
Far From Your Sun / progressive 3