Rating System Bugs 12
Updating Musicians' Band List Bug 2
Adding New Members For Bands 4
Album listing not in correct chronological order in Collection 10
Album title special characters 2
Frequent nonsensial lyrics edits by a non-user 3
Access to a pending guest review 10
Dysfunctional profile 6
Spambots in Member's birthdays? 5
UBB code on highlighted text error 6
Last seen online 10
Lag when scrolling? 17
"My Lists" Bugs 31
Album rating cannot be removed 7
Adding albums from bands not on Metalstorm 5
Wrapped strings on band profiles 3
Corrupted Cyrillic in topic name 5
'Floating' Toolbar and Youtube videos 8
Parsing of links in the shoutbox 9
Review Names Bug 1
Minor re-direct bug 2
MS top 100 & 200 3
Bug with adding similar bands 2
Pending edit that cannot be viewed 6
Reviews Bug 3
Duplicate entries in staff picks 8
Smiley bug 29
No points for editing a video 2
Special characters in review previews when going back to editing. 11
Epica bug 6