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Albums that seriously need a re-release? 132
Metal Elitism - Elitism Of The Genre Over Others 98
Bands in your hometown 189
Confessions of a headbanger 27
Have you ever literally wept upon the first listening of a song? 109
Favorite Usage Of Sound Samples 10
Infidel Amsterdam 15
Djent bands without the cliched harsh vox or whiney emo-ish singing? 22
Greatest Metal Music Ensembles 23
Persian Metal Bands 32
Favorite Tour With Your Favorite Bands 9
Which gig would you attend if you had one day to live 130
Which song (or songs) do you wish you had written? 28
Young people creating metal music (or any music in general) 16
How did you live without... 130
Your Best Live Experiences 132
What was your first album? 139
What happens with colombian metal bands? 64
Bands with 6 or more albums of which none are duds. 259
A future metal vocalist 2
Warship Live At Remedy Club 10/07/13 1
Favourite Metal Object 9
Using a google image for an album cover 3
Metal with hand drumming? 4
Complex Time Signatures - Metre 5
One guy to ruin it all... 40
Is there a "World greatest metal band" 179
Festival Wristbands: Keep On vs Take Off 40
Anything metal to do in Barcelona, Spain? 2
Video Clips that make you go "Wow!" 8