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Do band logo's reflect off metal genres? 94
Biggest metal band(s) in your country? 69
Metal by Numbers : weekly sales of metal albums sold in the US 11's best and worst "hair metal" bands of all time. 56
Ultimate metal band of Heaven/Hell 2
Vikingr Needs More Melodic Death! 6
Best looking instruments 20
More then one singer 45
Best clear voice female singers 17
What is you favorite thought provoking song? 145
Who Killed Metal? video clip 1
Albums You Have Heard In a Single Stint 57
Random Metalcore Bands You Should Check Out 24
Your average Metalhead 106
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World Folk Metal Compilation 31
Great Albums Hidden Behind The Language Barrier 32
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Do you like Metallica's new album "Death Magnetic"? 221
Top 12 Metal Albums January 2012 2
Your Favorite Metal Movie Quotes 20
Are there any bands from africa? and I dont mean south africa 18
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