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Funny Stuff IV: A New Hope 1001
Football/Soccer 1000
The Awesome Beer Thread 816
Cricket 608
How do you take your coffee/tea? 145
The Joke Thread (the sequel) 944
The job thread 78
Do you play chess and what do you think of it? 2
Your Clothing Style(read first post) 272
Official Whisky Thread! 141
Share your own way for sleep quality. 9
Alcohol 584
Snuff Tabacco 40
Audioscrobbler/ 325
Sound Systems, What Do You Like? 7
What philosophy do you base your life on? 290
Pets (You Have/You Want to Own/You Need Tips) 153
Things that make you happy 208
Things that piss you off 1001
Addiction 55
Do you want to be famous? 93
What would people be more surprised to know about you? Pt. II 383
Vegetarianism 249
Drugs (recreational) 607
Suomi/Finnish language 92
Food/Eating Habits! 193
Rolling Tobacco 23
Favourite Fast Food type 218
I made a quiz: "How do you view the universe?" 56
How many people do you trust with your feelings? 320

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