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General metal forum
Everything not related to any particular metal style
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Do you think metal fans are more intelligent than ...

Melodic metal forum
Heavy / power / progressive / doom / gothic
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Extreme metal forum
Black / death / thrash / extreme doom
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Thrash Recommendations

Alternative metal forum
Industrial / nu / avantgarde / stoner
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Metal arena
For "This vs That" battles and various polls
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The most beautiful girl in metal (besides your gir...

Comments for featured albums
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Sword_Chant in
All That Remains - The Order Of Things

News & events
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Comments for featured news
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farckashkun in
Slayer - New Song Available For Streaming

Comments for festivals, gigs and tours
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Pazdzioch in
POL, Toruń - Post Mortem #1

Metal locations
Clubs, venues, shops, cafes and other metal-related places
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CAN, Winnipeg, MB - War On Music

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Comments for featured reviews
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Six Feet Under - Crypt Of The Devil

Comments for featured interviews
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Gnaw Their Tongues interview

Comments for featured articles
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musclassia in
Getting Into: Manowar

Photo galleries
Comments on pictures from concerts and festivals
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Susan in
Evergrey - Factory, Tallinn, Estonia, 26.03.2015

Comments for comics
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Funny stuff
Comments for the Funny stuff section
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Mike Porntoy creates Anti-Dream Theatre Band inter...

Comments for user-generated Lists
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Death Full-Length Albums: Best To Worst

Music forums
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Rock forum
Rock / hard rock / punk / grunge
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JohnDoe in
Great Rock And Metal Bands Of The 70's And 80...

General music forum
Music in general and non-rock/metal music
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Justin Bieber

Musicians corner
Instruments, techniques and your own bands
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Autokrator in
Ibanez RG7321 Intonation Issues

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General forum
Everything not related to metal
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Guns , Weapons, and Military Terminology

Serious discussions
Philosophy, religion, politics, theories and ways of life
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Movies, TV, games, books and other media
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Song linking game

Art forum
Painting, photography, poetry
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Slice Of Life rock/metal webcomic

Promotion and Ads
Promote your band or website here
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Promote your band (for those who can't open n...

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Site news and announcements
Metal Storm announcements
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Adding Upcoming Albums Without Confirmed Release D...

General website discussion
Anything related to the Metal Storm site / forum
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Band Profiles: Report Mistakes

User-related topics
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EU/Schengen, Euro...

Report bugs here
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Toolbar Problems on Google Chrome