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General metal forum
Everything not related to any particular metal style
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M C Vice in
The easiest genre to get into

Melodic metal forum
Heavy / power / progressive / doom / gothic
657 32826 Today at 09:25 by
Ganondox in
Has Symphonic Metal Become a Cliche?

Extreme metal forum
Black / death / thrash / extreme doom
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Karlabos in
Recommend me bands like Summoning

Alternative metal forum
Industrial / nu / avantgarde / stoner
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tea[m]ster in
This is where to find post/sludge/atmospheric meta...

Metal arena
For "This vs That" battles and various polls
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deadone in
The best Cradle Of Filth song

Comments for featured albums
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deadone in
Black Label Society - Catacombs Of The Black Vatic...

News & events
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Comments for featured news
14504 121064 Today at 08:59 by
Dark Cornatus in
Primordial - Streaming New Song, New Album Details

Comments for festivals, gigs and tours
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rps in
USA, Denver, CO - Sonata Arctica: North American T...

Metal locations
Clubs, venues, shops, cafes and other metal-related places
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Fritillaria in
TUR, Istanbul - Dorock

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Comments for featured reviews
6198 63107 Today at 04:22 by
Lionthrone in
Horn Of The Rhino - Summoning Deliverance

Comments for featured interviews
344 2618 30.09.2014 at 18:16 by
Cynic Metalhead in
Tarnkappe interview

Comments for featured articles
697 8968 Today at 03:43 by
-Morbid- in
Arsis, Exmortus - Moon Room, Denver, USA - 23 Sep ...

Photo galleries
Comments on pictures from concerts and festivals
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8bitglitch in
Rockstar Mayhem Festival - Mountain View, CA USA -...

Comments for comics
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joyo in

Funny stuff
Comments for the Funny stuff section
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deadone in
Sigh - Messiahplan

Comments for user-generated Lists
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deadone in
Oh God... Did You Eat All This Acid? That's R...

Music forums
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Rock forum
Rock / hard rock / punk / grunge
241 8455 30.09.2014 at 00:09 by
vgmaster9 in
The Crust Punk / D-Beat thread!

General music forum
Music in general and non-rock/metal music
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Karlabos in

Musicians corner
Instruments, techniques and your own bands
353 8674 01.10.2014 at 20:00 by
colorfullcoyote in
Catamenia - landscape - vocal cover

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General forum
Everything not related to metal
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deadone in
What would people be more surprised to know about ...

Serious discussions
Philosophy, religion, politics, theories and ways of life
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deadone in
The Current Situation In The Middle-East

Movies, TV, games, books and other media
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Dima in
Video Games You're Playing

Art forum
Painting, photography, poetry
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Joodicator in
Poorly Drawn MS Paint Album Covers Game

Promotion and Ads
Promote your band or website here
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Turi in
Promote your band (for those who can't open n...

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Site news and announcements
Metal Storm announcements
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Bad English in
Unofficial sources for database edits

General website discussion
Anything related to the Metal Storm site / forum
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Bad English in
Band Profiles: Report Mistakes

User-related topics
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deadone in
The Pub

Report bugs here
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Troy Killjoy in
Nightwish - Angels Fall First Lyric BUG