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19.01.2008 - 21:27
After a brief hiatus on the account of being charged with the involvment of the murder of Euronymous(accompanying Varg Vikernes on the long car journey to Euronymous' flat) and after 8 years in prison, Thorns has resurfaced.

Snorre W. Ruch the founder and leader of the band has revamped the band with a new label, a split w/Emperor, and a self-entitled LP, and several new additions as well. Now on the roster of Moonfog Produtions and w/ the assistance of Satyr(Satyricon), Aldrahn(Dødheimsgard/DHG), and Hellhammer(Mayhem) together have created an album that brings BM into the modern era.

Here's a few tracks:

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19.01.2008 - 22:24
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I know this band i know album 'Thorns' and its only hat I know from tham
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28.01.2008 - 12:44
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Thorns is a grossly underrated band, and unknown for it's importance in the early bm-scene. You know that cold sound early Satyricon, Khold, early Emperor and other bands have? They owe it to Thorns. Blackthorn experimented with minor classical chords and this way he pioneered some of this cold sound. Although he(Blackthorn is prettymuch to Thorns what Chuck is to Death) didn't release anything untill 2000, a couple of early tape that was only meant for the band for practive, plus a demo(I think?) spread and had quite an influence on the bm-scene. Too bad he accompanied Burzum, he should of known better. (And he would of released the album way earlier.)

Just like in his early days Thorns is something that although inherently is black, aims for something beyond. (But I don't really want to call it post-black.) It's black, it has a very earie bm-atmossphere that even old-school people might appriciate and at the same time have a lot of innovation. If I'm not mistaken they're working on a new album, I'm really looking forward to it.

People wanting you check them out can hear them here at their myspace:

Most will probably hate this music as it is not only breaks with mainstream music boundries, but also breaks with typical expectations of black metal and metal in general. Anyway, there's probably a few out there that have the open mind and soul to appriciate this wonderfull music.
30.01.2008 - 00:38
Liver Failure
wow im crazy to listen to this band, the only thing that i heard so far was their split with emperor (just ''Aerie descent'' and some others)... downloading the tracks right now.

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31.01.2008 - 00:11
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I've only just recently discovered the music of Thorns and I find it brilliant, even the old demo tracks.I hadn't bothered with familiarizing myself with them until just recently and it seems I was missing out on some really unique and original music. The relatively slow pace combined with the clinical sound works really well, I also like the dissonant nature of the music.
22.02.2008 - 16:17
I agree with TLZ. Thorns was an excellent band from Norway and one of my favourites, together with Dødheimsgard! Unfortunately, Snorre released only one album, but it's amazing! let's hope for the second one this year.