Pain of Salvation

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Posted by meTalcoholic, 17.05.2006 - 04:44
I have heard so many people claiming that it is so hard to "get into" Pain of Salvation's concept albums because of the depth and complexity of the music and the concept/storyline. I personally have always been able to dive right in with every album of theirs, but from what I have observed, I am a minority. So I'm wondering what you guys think about this amazing Swedish prog band overall, and especially when it comes to the complexity of the topics they address.
29.09.2012 - 01:21
Well, I saw that Ragnar guy yesterday and he is definitely a first class musician. It surely seemed like there was a constant ego fight between him and Daniel on stage
All the musicians were outstanding, despite all the love I had for the most iconic members. They recorded a videoclip here in the Delta, apparently for "Through the Distance".

And yeah, Daniel was super hot.