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14.06.2006 - 22:13
A little bit of introduction for those who haven't heard of them:

Exhumed formed in 1991 with the founder only being 15 at the time.After being on many complications and split albums Exhumed released their first real album called "Gore Metal" which has Grindcore and Thrash sounds. The next album to be released was called Slaughtercult which was produced by the singer of Nasum Mieszko Talarczyk.Exhumed got more exposure and after that album played Wacken Open air festival.(more on official site)

For those who are Exhumed fans,whats your favorite album/song?
my favorite songs are Cannibal Apocalypse or The matter of Splatter.
They have 2 mp3s on their official site and they have a My Space.


My space:
16.06.2006 - 14:21
Well I do like Exhumed,but mostly their album Slaughtercult.It's extremely fast,loud,and aggressive.Hmmm about the song,I would say Funeral Fuck.
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18.06.2006 - 02:22
I've only heard A Matter of Splatter. It wasn't anything too special but it was okay. Any recommendations?
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11.07.2006 - 02:11
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I love Exhumed! My favorite album from them would have to be "Gore Metal", hands down.

@Jerk: If you're looking for song recommendations, look no further than me. The songs I recommend are 'Necromaniac', 'Open The Abcess', 'Death Mask', 'Decrepit Crescendo', 'Carnal Epitaph', 'Funeral Fuck', 'Anatomy Is Destiny', and 'Death Walks Behind You'. I think this will be enough to get you started.
11.07.2006 - 07:47
It's a shame Ross Sewage is wasting his time with Impaled. Exhumed was soooo much better.
11.07.2006 - 08:11
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Written by Dangerboner on 11.07.2006 at 07:47

It's a shame Ross Sewage is wasting his time with Impaled. Exhumed was soooo much better.

I actually think that both bands are good. They both have their good and bad qualities, and I love them both for the music they create. Then again, this maybe just a matter of opinion, so I won't hold anything against someone else.
13.07.2006 - 02:45
Pshhh..Exhumed? I like "Anatomy Is Destiny" and I actually play it quite often..but their earlier albums remind me so much of Carcass that I just stop listening to them and toss a Carcass CD on my player... They are decent though, I mean they do know how to do their shit correctly..but they never appealed that much to me...

I say...if you have never heard of this band try their "anatomy Is Destiny" album which is their most complex work to date...the other ones are IMO averagely good
30.07.2006 - 09:09
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Exhumed are like a crossover between Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel...I own Slaughtercult...good band, it may take a few listens though, to figure out exactly whats going on...but this is one hell of a good album from start to finish...as ugly as the production is...however there are no intros, outros, or interludes, and scarcely any pauses between songs...I think Impaled are better...

28.09.2006 - 06:12
Immortal Plague
No way not Cannibal COrpse and Morbid Angel more like Devourment meets CArcass type thing, guitars and riffs and vocals like Carcass, and theme and atmosphere, and the brutality of Devourment, their awsome, great band for sure, and i have downloaded Slaughtercult, and have listened to Gore Metal many times at Crimson Deaths house, its awsome.
05.10.2006 - 07:04
Angel Deformity
Good old exhumed, saw them back in 2004 was a sickening gig, id say the genre they suit best is DEATHGRIND.
My favourite cd is the platter of splatter and my favourite full length is of course the masterpiece "Slaughtercult"... i love the song grotesque putrified brains with the intro from re-animator (think thats the correct spelling)

"You make the insision at the base of the skull, cutting away enough of the vascular tissue to get your fingers in... then grabbing firmly with both hands you pull the skin forward over the head... its very much like peeling a large orange... once the skull is is plainly visible, you take the bonesaw and you cut around the perimeter... (long pause and a few gorey noises) and there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the human brain."

Also i love the song Forged in Fire off Slaughtercult, just due to the vulgarity of the lyrics haha, gore til death (and beyond)

EDIT: Fuck i forgot Gore Metal the landmark and genre creating release, ohhhhhh hell yeh!!! Wicked cd there, love the song Casketkrusher and In my human slaughterhouse... classic shit there
10.10.2006 - 05:21
"Good old exhumed, saw them back in 2004 was a sickening gig, id say the genre they suit best is DEATHGRIND." Yea they don't fit the genre of grindcore especially with Anatomy is Destiny. Mortician on the other hand is a head-on Grindcore band other then 'The Matter of Splatter" I've listened to one of thier cds my good friend Everbero was playing oin the car 1st song starts off with a chainsaw starting up might be a mix though but sounds alot like their older stuff to me. Great band definatly buying Anatomy.

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12.10.2006 - 22:25
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Exhumed have to portray the over-the-top splatter image better than any band I can think of (eat your heart out, Cannibal Corpse!). Their music is wild, bombastic, heavy and downright groovy at times. Exhumed is pure violence (as is the pit at their shows).
31.12.2007 - 04:18
Propane Salesman
Man, I sure do love their blend of Gorey-Ass Death Metal with Bonesaw Carving Grind. I would really like to purchase some of their albums but I've only been able to find their latest, the covers album 'Garbage Daze Re-Regurgitated.' I would really love to find any of their three full length releases really, and while I haven't actually heard 'Slaughtercult' I'd no doubt grab it because the one preceding and succeeding it are both great, albeit quite different from one another.

I really love the nasty Goregrind edge to 'Gore Metal' but also love the tasty slab of classic Death Metal prevalent on 'Anatomy is Destiny.' I just love the shit.
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22.02.2008 - 18:21
interesting and pretty old death metal band, I don't have any albums yet, but I have heard some songs, my favourite is Deadest of the Dead, lol
14.03.2009 - 21:07
Liver Failure
The ''Gore Metal'' album is amazing, can't get tired of it! Everyone talks so much about '' Anatomy is Destiny'' but, besides being an exellent work, i didn't get into it.. ''A song for the dead'' called my attention for being so much ''lighter'' than any other song ever made by Exumed.
There is also the superfurious ''Slaughtercult'', who ironasinmaiden (from MetalArchives) has well said: ''Slaughtercult is the ULTIMATE album to blast around old people and neighbors.'' And it has one of my favorites grind/death songs of all time.. Funeral Fuck!! Damn thats a awesome song!

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14.03.2009 - 22:05
Exhumed is fucking awesome. It's one of the best death/grind bands around. Gore Metal is a fucking masterpiece of the genre. I also love how they incorporate the thrash influences to create a very straightforward and intense type of music which avoids to conform to the negative stereotypes often associated with the style. Fucking great band really. If anyone doesn't understand why they should listen to Open The Abscess from Gore Metal to hear an example of their greatness.
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11.11.2011 - 23:52
Which member does the raspy vocals and which one does the deep vocals?
12.11.2011 - 03:03
Seems like a shit band to me.
Check Tystnad out at http://tystnad.bandcamp.com
11.12.2011 - 03:52
Lord Clamhandler
Exhumed was amazing at Goregrowlers Ball in Texas.
Here's another sick death metal band that played that fest...DEHUMANIZED!

11.12.2011 - 04:02
Troy Killjoy
Written by Lord Clamhandler on 11.12.2011 at 03:52
Exhumed was amazing at Goregrowlers Ball in Texas.

If you want to pimp your band there's another thread for that.
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14.02.2014 - 20:35
Looking forward to see them again on Feb 24th