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Posted by Graveheart on 14.03.2008 at 16:34
The thread title supposedly explains everything about why I wanted to create this topic Lately I've been attracted to saxophone in metal (thanks to Sigh) and I'm hungry for more because I know it's not an impossible idea, it's just unusual. I'm expecting there will be many suggestions from genres like avantgarde, folk and progressive metal, but of course anything goes. Just keep it within the metallic boundaries and drop the band names in, preferably with more descriptions than just the saxophone. (it's doesn't necessarily have to be used as the lead instrument, more like a distinctive element in the music)

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  23.08.2012 at 12:54
Written by Array on 02.11.2010 at 22:38

You may know some of these or maybe all but... Ulver in Perdition City (maybe somewhere else, don't remember right know), Ihsahn in the latest album had some saxos. Shining [NOR] ;check Blackjazz.

edit: i checked your collection and found you're already familiar with Ulver.
edit: i forgot In Lingua Mortua

Was just about to mention Shining and Ulver...
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